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A/N: Yes, another chapter. I did this because of my lovely two readers; AsmartOne and nathalyleeabadeer01. Love you guys.

                                                                                     LUCY'S P.O.V

As soon as the gate opened, we were greeted by the entire village. I held Happy a little tighter and stood close to Natsu. Erza stood on his other side while Gray stood beside me. Almost everyone in the village had on a light brown cloak with the hoods up to cover their faces. I suddenly felt really uncomfortable, so I took a step closer to Natsu. I saw him look at me from the side on his eye and shift on his feet to stand a bit closer to me. I smiled a little. He's a lot sweeter than he lets on. I shook my head. I need to focus.

After the explanation on when the curse started and the reveal of what the curse did to the villagers, they gave us a house to stay in. Natsu sat leaning against the wall while I laid down right beside him. Happy cuddled with me and immediately fell asleep. I guess he was a lot more tired than the rest of us. I looked around the room and saw Gray setting up his and Erza's makeshift beds in the middle of the room. Erza was leaning against the wall looking as if she's deep in thought. I turned my attention back to Natsu. He looked deep in thought as well, but I was too tired to think.

"Woman," Natsu said. I hummed in response as my eyes closed. "We're getting up early tomorrow to look for clues around the island." I hummed again as I drifted off to sleep.

"Wake up, Lucy," I heard Gray call. I snuggled into my pillow instead. "Come on, Lucy." I decided to ignore him as I drifted back to sleep. "Lucy," Gray said irritably. If I ignore him long enough, he'll go away.

"Would you wake her up, Drag-," Erza cut herself off and cleared her throat. "I mean, Natsu, would you wake her up?" she asked.

I heard someone sigh irritably. "Wake up, woman," Natsu said. I snuggled into the pillow more. "I'm not a pillow, and I will get up so your head hits the floor."

My eyes slowly opened. "What?" I asked. Why does he think I think he's a pillow? I turned to lie on my back and came face to face with Natsu. My eyes widened. "Why are you right above me?" I asked.

He gave me a halfhearted glare. "Why are you using me as a pillow?" What? He must have seen the confusion on my face because he gave a little smile. I felt my pillow move and turn my head to see that it actually was Natsu's leg.

My eyes widened and I sat up quickly. I felt my cheeks flush. "Sorry," I mumbled. I heard Natsu chuckle and stand up. I stood up quickly too and got dressed. Once I was dressed, we started walking out of the village.

"Why do we have to go at first morning light?" Gray mumbled. He was dragging his feet while Erza was leading the way. Natsu and I walked between them.

I looked around and saw that Happy was asleep on a crate. "Wake up, Happy," I called. "Come here and I'll hold you while you sleep."

"Aye," he mumbled and flew into my arms. He instantly fell asleep.

"He's getting lazy," Natsu said.

I looked at him and saw that he was still facing forward. I smiled at him. "It's ok. He's cute and light," I said.

"What if he was ugly?" Natsu asked.

I raised a brow at him. "Well, he is, so there's no reason to think about what I would or wouldn't do in any other situation," I said.

"You're up early!" A man shouted. I turned and saw that we were in front of the gate. I looked up to see a man looking at us. "Couldn't sleep for fear of the demons in the village?" he asked.

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