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We turned our attention to our comrades. They were staring at us as though we were an unbelievable sight. I flushed more and looked away. Erza cleared her throat, which made me look at her again. She looked a bit nervous as she spoke. "Good job, Drag-," she cut herself off. She took a deep breath and gave Natsu a small smile. "Good job, Natsu."

Natsu looked surprised for a second. Then he gave small smile back. "The woman helped," Natsu said.

I pouted. "Why won't you call me by name?"

Natsu ignored me and glared at something behind the others. "Touch that flute and I'll throw you in the canon." He threatened.

I watched as Kage backed away from the flute. I sighed and focused on the others. "We should bring Lullaby to the masters," I suggested, " However Kage and Natsu need to see the doctors." I saw from the corner of my eye, that Natsu was rolling his eyes, but he didn't protest much to my delight. We got back into the car. This time though, Gray drove so Erza could get some rest.

Erza's POV~

We're on our way to the guild masters' meeting. Kage is sitting beside me and staring at Natsu and Lucy. I can't help but stare as well. Lucy's sitting across from me and she's running her hands through Natsu's hair while he's laying on her lap. He has a peaceful look on his face that I've never seen before. I've only ever seen him glare or scowl at people. The amazing part is that Lucy doesn't find to be a big deal. She acts like it's the most natural thing in the world.

"Erigor was beaten by a guy that gets motion sick?" Kage asked in disbelieve.

Natsu growled, but it was cut short by a groan of pain. Happy also spoke up. "Natsu said that it was also thanks to Lucy."

Lucy finally glanced at us. She gave an embarrassed smile. "I only gave Aki an idea. He did all the work."

Kage looked confused. " What's his name? I've heard people call him Aki, Natsu and Dragneel." His eyes widened suddenly. He looked at Natsu with a lot of fear. "He's Natsu Dragneel, isn't he?"

I nodded in confirmation. "Congratulations," I smirked. "You won a fight with Chaos."

He let out a hysterical laugh. It seemed to have scared Lucy a bit as she jumped from her seat. Natsu let out a groan of protest. She smiled and continued to stroke his hair.He let out a content sigh. I gazed at them in slight awe. He's a completely different person with her.

Happy snickered. "They like each other," he slyly teased.

"Oh hush," Lucy snapped. She gave him a halfhearted glare. Then she smiled at me. "So how are you doing, Erza? Are you better?"

I simpered at her. How did such a sweet girl agree to team up with Natsu? "I'm fine, thanks asking." She beamed then looked out the window.

I straightened a bit. We're going to a tough area. "So tell me about those episodes of yours," I casually brought the topic up.

She stiffened, but continued to stare out the window. i noticed from my peripheral vision that Kage was suddenly interested in our conversation. Happy watched Lucy waiting for her response. Maybe he wants to know why she has episodes too.

"What do you want to know about them?" Lucy catechized.

"Firstly, I'd like to know the signs that you're having an episode."

She exhaled. "I don't know, you'd have to ask Happy or Aki."

I raised my brow even though she was not facing my direction. I focused on Happy. "She starts trembling and tearing up. If try to get closer to her, she flinches. She also says 'sorry' and 'I'm sorry' almost every other time I've seen it happen."

I'm so confused now. I turned to Lucy. For the first time, I spotted her with a frown on her face. I've caught a glimpse of her looking angry or disappointed in someone's actions before, but never have I seen her frown. "What causes these episodes?" I queried.

She shrugged. "A few things do." I noticed her hand had stopped stroking Natsu's hair. Instead, she gripped his cloak.

"What do you see in these episodes?" I questioned her quietly. She didn't respond to me, she just held Natsu's cloak tighter. "I need to know Lucy, if you have an episode in the middle of a battle, you could put yourself and those around you in danger."

Her hold on the cloak tightened even more. I heard a faint growl and glanced down. He gave me his best growl that he could even in his current state. "She was abused as a kid," he growled.

Everyone's breath hitched. The car stopped and Gray looked back from the driver's seat. She started trembling. "How did you know?"

Seeing her tremble made my blood boil. Natsu rolled his eyes. "It's easy to see when you flinch anytime someone reaches fro you during an episode.On top of that, saying 'sorry' over and over again is a dead giveaway," Natsu explained.

"Is that why you said that someone needs to protect her?" Gray asked in astonishment. "You're so soft on her and protect her because you figured it out?"

My eyes narrowed. That would explain a lot. I can understand why he'd want to be nice to her but isn't he too nice to her and too protective for it to just be that? I watch as she smiled down at him and his eyes softened a bit.

"Good job, Drag-," I cut myself off. I took a deep breath and gave Natsu a small smile. "Good job, Natsu."

Natsu looked surprised for a second. Then he gave small smile back. "The woman helped," Natsu said.

"That's not the only reason," I told Gray quietly.

"Why do you say that?" Gray asked.

I smiled sadly at him. "Lucy hasn't pushed him away." I watched as Gray slowly started the car again. I glanced at Natsu and Lucy. Lucy was right. We did push him away after that. Even Master pushed him away. He doesn't even like talking about Natsu let alone talking to him. From what I understand only Lucy tried to get closer to him.

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