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I am so pissed as hell right now. Wattpad has lost three of my updates that I cannot seem to find, which means I have to write all again. I was really happy with myself, having been able to update three times in a row, only for a friend to tell me that I haven't updated. Do you know how  annoying that is?

Enjoy, peeps.

A few minutes later, Lucy was sitting on a pile of rocks with Dragneel sitting on the ground right beside her. Happy was sitting in her lap. Erza was sitting on the other side of Lucy. I was sitting on a pile of rocks facing Deliora.

"I'm sorry, Lucy," I hear Erza say.

"For what?" Lucy asks.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier," Erza says.

"We're on an S-class mission," Erza yelled. "Any wrong move could mean our death. We're lucky we didn't die just now. Think before you get us all killed."Lucy flinched and looked at the ground. "We shouldn't have taken you on this mission. You aren't ready."

Lucy flinched again. I watched as her eyes filled with tears. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I'm so sorry." A tear slipped down her cheek.

"Sorry? We were almost killed and you say 'sorry'?" Erza asked. Lucy flinched again.

"Enough," Dragneel commanded. He knelt down in front of Lucy and softly pat her head. She quickly wiped away her tears and looked at him. My eyes widened when I saw the soft look in his eyes. I never knew he could look at someone like that. Lucy's eyes widened too. "Be more careful," he said. Lucy nodded and gave a tiny smile.

"I went too far," Erza says. "It was a simple mistake and everyone came out unharmed. Please forgive me for snapping at you like that."

"Its fine, Erza," Lucy says. "You're right. It was a simple mistake. A mistake that could have and should have been easily avoided, yet I tripped and could have cost us all our lives. You're also right about me not being ready for a mission like this, but that's why I have the three of you, right? You three can take care of yourselves, and I can count on you guys to make sure I don't die either."

I hear Erza giggle. "That's right," she says. "You can always count on us."

My mind wanders back to Deliora and master.

"Gray," Ur says with a smile, "Do you think you can follow me? My training is as strict as it gets."

I clenched my fists and hardened my resolve. "Yeah," I said. "Do your worst!"

I hear Lucy sigh. "I know I said to wait, but there's nothing to do," she says.

"Aye," Happy agrees.

I hear Dragneel give an irritated sigh. "Stop complaining, woman," he says.

"This is the first time I've complained though," Lucy argues. I hope she doesn't complain much more.

                                                                                          NATSU'S POV.

I sigh irritably, this is one of the most boring jobs I have been on. I glance around spot Gray sitting on the ground by Deliora, Erza sitting on the side of Lucy, who's lounging beside me. Happy in his usual spot on Lucy's lap.

"Open, Gate of the Harpist, Lyra!" Lucy calls out. I perk up and look around. Why is she calling one of her spirits? There aren't any enemies around. 

"Oh, Lucy!" A woman says cheerily. "It's been way too long!"

Lucy greets her.

"For Pete's sake, you only call on me once in a blue moon."

"You contract only allows for three days in a month when I can call you," Lucy protested.

"Another weirdo has come out," Happy deadpanned. I nodded in agreement.

"Huh?" Lyra asks. "I don't remember that."  She sits down on my other side . I glare at her. She suddenly looks uncomfortable and moves further away from me. She turn her attention back to Lucy. "What kind of song do you want?" Song?

"Whatever you want, I leave it to you."

"I want to hear a fish song." Happy shouted out.

"Then I can sing whatever I want? Yay!" Lyra cheered.

Lucy focused on Erza. "Lyra is a pretty good singer," she complimented.

Erza nodded. "Mira is also an excellent singer as well."

"She sings fish songs for me, " Happy supplied. You're the only one that wants to hear fish songs, so of course they're for you.

Lyra started playing her harp and singing. She's pretty good. I can't help but feel relaxed so I lay my head down on Lucy's thigh. Still feels like the best pillow. She begins to run her fingers through my hair and I relax more. She stops and traces patterns on the side of my neck. 

"Are you crying Gray?" Happy asked. Lyra stops singing, but I don't move. Luckily, Lucy doesn't either.

"Certainly, one of Lyra's talents is to read the hearts of her listeners and sing the appropriate song but..." Lucy trails off. Her hands stop drawing patterns and I don't have to wait long before she starts again. 

"Gray cried," Happy commented. I don't care, let me relax.

"I did not!" He retorted. Lucy stiffened under me. 

"Don't talk to her like that." Lucy relaxed a bit.

"Sing a happier song, Lyra." 

"What? If you wanted that, why didn't you say so earlier?" She cried out.

"Now that I think about it, somebody might come; the plan would be ruined then so i's best to remain quiet." Fine by me.

A few minutes pass by, and I feel content. Lucy has been drawing the same pattern on my neck. She sometimes stops but only so she can run her fingers through my hair. "Aki?" She called. I hummed in response. "I didn't know you had tattoos."

"I don't," was my simple reply. Why does she think that I have tattoos?

"You do," she protested. "What do you think I have been tracing this entire time?"

I slowly open my eyes. I don't have tattoos. My eyes widen. It cannot be! I sit up abruptly and unzip my shirt. I see swirls of blue across my shirt.

HO HO HO ! What the hell  could that be? Is Natsu in for some serious trouble or what? 

Anyways sorry for  the long wait. As I said up there, this is Wattpad's fault. 

Thank you all for your patience and reading this.

I hope you have a nice day/sleep wherever you are. Yes, I know today's not Sunday, but I couldn't wait. :)


Tybil out!  1092 words.

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