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Author's Note: Btw, this story isn't mine. It's the amazing work of art of this writer found on Fanfiction.net. Lyonsgirl.

I stared in awe at Fairy Tail. It was an older building made of wood. The sign had a fairy on both sides of it. My heart was pounding in excitement, but I was also frozen in fear. What if they don't want me there? Are they all like Natsu? What if I'm not powerful enough to get in? I bit my lip and held Happy tighter. I glanced down at him and realized that I've held him for a majority of the time I've known him. I hope carrying him won't become a habit.

Happy looked up at me and smiled. "Let's go in, Lucy." He wiggled out of my arms and flew into the guild.

I shook my head and was about to follow him in when I realized Natsu hasn't gone in. I turn to see him walking away. "Where are you going?" He ignored me. "Natsu," I called, "it's rude to ignore people." I was ignored again. I suddenly became angry. If he wants to ignore me then I'll annoy him until he acknowledges me. "Natsu," I called. He ignored me again and kept walking. Maybe insulting him will work. "I'm talking to you, idiot." I kept trying to get his attention until I couldn't see him anymore. "Jerk," I mumbled as I walked through the doors of Fairy Tail. I stopped as soon as I saw the inside of the guild.

Almost all of Fairy Tail was having a giant brawl. There were a few that stood out from the rest of the brawl though. A man with spiky white hair and a scar coming down from his right eye was yelling about how manly fighting is. A guy was getting up from a bench to join the fight as a few women still sitting down gushed about him. My eyes widened in shock when I realized the man was Loke. With a sigh, I crossed him off the list of boys you most want to be your boyfriend. I don't even want to try being with a player. As the name states, the girl will just get played. A man with raven black hair, a silver necklace, and only had boxers on was fighting too. He had a dark blue guild mark on the right side of his chest. I found it strange that no one seemed to notice his lack of clothes though. Is it normal for him to strip?

"Gray," A woman called, "your clothes."

The raven haired looked down as if he was shocked. He then turned to face the woman and yelled, "I don't have time for that." Turning around again, he jumped back into the brawl. So the stripper is Gray. I wonder how often he does that since every one is so calm about it.

The woman huffed. I turned my attention to her. She has long, wavy, dark brown hair. Her eyes were a dark blue, almost purplish color. She wore brown pants that reached the middle of her calf with a pink belt. Her top consisted of a blue bikini. A bikini? Shouldn't she wear at least a little bit more? She also wore a few bracelets on both wrists and had a black Fairy Tail guild mark to the left of her belly button. She's so pretty. She then proceeded to lift an entire barrel of beer and drink it. How can she even lift that?

I'm brought out of my thoughts by a sweet voice. "Hello, are you new here?" I turn around and come face to face with a woman with flowing white hair and kind blue eyes. She had on a pinkish purple dress with light pink bows in some places. She gave me a sweet smile as she patiently waited for my answer.

My eyes widen with realization again. This is Mirajane Strauss! "You're Mirajane," I said in a small voice.

She nodded and asked, "And who might you be?"

"I'm Lucy," I said with a smile. I heard a crash and remembered about the giant brawl. I pointed at the rest of the guild. "Shouldn't we stop them?"

Her smile grew. "Don't worry. It's happens all the time. Besides, it makes things fun," she said. Then the white haired man crashed into her and they both fainted.

I was horrified. "Mirajane," I called frantically while running to her. This guy is huge! I hope she wasn't too seriously hurt. I try to pull the man off Mirajane, but I had no luck. He was just too heavy. I decided to sit by them instead. I spot Happy flying around and throwing food at people. What a mischievous cat. I watch in amusement as people try to catch him. He would just fly higher and stay out of their reach. The big man woke up and went straight back to fighting. I sighed as I moved closer to Mirajane. I didn't want her getting even more hurt. After a few minutes, she finally woke up and we began to talk. I found out she worked the bar and that the big guy was her younger brother. What would it have been like if I had siblings? I shook the thought out of my head. I don't have siblings, so I shouldn't think of the what ifs.

"That's enough, brats," boomed a man. I started to shake. He's a giant. He was too tall for the building, so he had to hunch over. Everyone in the guild froze. I shook even more. He started to shake as well and to my surprise shrank. Wide eyed and in shock, I watched as the giant shrunk into a tiny old man with a silly hat. He then jumped unto the railing of the second story. Instead of punishing everyone like I thought, he lectured them. Everyone looked guilty though, and I was surprised that a majority of what I'd read about in Sorcerer Weekly was this guild. I never realized how destructive Fairy Tail is.

The old man was done after his lecture, and everyone just sat down like nothing happened. I was about to turn back to Mirajane when Happy spotted me. "Lucy," he called as he smiled and flew to me.

I smiled back and held my arms out to him. He glided down to me and snuggled into my chest. You're so lucky you're a cat or I'd have your head for snuggling there. I smiled down at him. "I saw you were fighting people too," I said.

His smile grew even bigger, but was broken by a yawn. He rubbed his eyes tiredly. So cute, I thought. "Can I take a nap, Lucy?"

"Of course," I said. He snuggled into me again and was asleep in a matter of seconds. I looked back at the Mirajane. "I was wandering if I could join Fairy Tail." She smiled again and told me to follow her. Excitement welled up in me again. I'm joining Fairy Tail!

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