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"All three of them are probably mages, though," Happy said. "It won't be easy to capture them."

"That's true," Lucy agreed as she directed her stare to him.

"We've got numbers, but they've got more offensive mages," she paused for a second, "Or rather, we only have one." She glances at me.

Happy seemed shocked. "Even you don't see yourself as a fighting mage?" he asked.

Lucy suddenly smiles. "I just thought up a really good plan," she says happily. A few minutes later, the entire village was gathered around to look at Lucy's plan.

"What is the meaning of all this noise?" the village leader asked.

"Headman," a few of the villagers said in shock.

"Please hear me out," Lucy said. "The enemy is going to attack soon."

"Enemy?" the headman asked in shock.

"They live in the ruins in the forest," Lucy explained. "They're the bad guys who made those things happen to your bodies."

"I never heard about this," the headman yelled in shock. I saw Lucy twitch. Is she trying not to flinch?

"You mean you haven't destroyed the moon yet?" he shouted yet again.

Lucy twitched again. She held up her hands as if in surrender. I quickly moved beside her to stare down the headman.

He shouldn't be yelling at her.

"What I'm saying is there's no need to destroy the moon anymore," the blonde celestial mage declared. "Once we catch those bad guys-"

"The moon!" the headman yelled. Lucy flinched but stood her ground. Good girl. I moved closer so my shoulder brushed against hers.

She relaxed a little.

It seems backward. Usually my presence makes people uncomfortable or scared, but it makes her relax. It's a nice change.

The villagers held back the headman and tried to calm him down. "Destroy the moon! Please!"

"Don't worry about him," one of the villagers said to us as others dragged away the headman. "Just do what you can."

Lucy and I diverted our attention toward the man that's speaking to us.

"He's still distraught over what happened to Bobo, his son," the man explained. I raised a brow. Bobo?

"I see," Lucy said. She looks at him, and I can see determination burn in her eyes. "Leave it to us. We can get this solved."

"Princess," Virgo says, "the preparations are complete."

"Thank you, Virgo," Lucy said. "You always dig holes so fast." She smiled at Virgo.

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