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"Weren't you supposed to stop them Gray?" Erza asked. I glared down at the floor. Shame flooded through me. "I'm too disappointed for words." Erza let out a short, aggravated sigh. I looked up at Erza and saw her eyes closed. I saw Lucy sitting beside her, looking at the ground with a little frown as she held Happy close to her.

My eyes widened in sudden realization. "Where's Dragneel?" How could I forget to check where he is?

Erza glared at me again. "That's what I want to know," she hissed. I flinch a little. Didn't she see him after I did? Why am I getting in trouble if she couldn't keep track of him?

That thought made a bit of anger flare up in me. Erza gave another frustrated sigh. She stood up and started walking towards the entrance of the tent. "Gray, I'm going out in search of Natsu," she said.

"I'm going too," Lucy said quickly as she stood up.

I shook my head. "Why are we even going to look for him? We all know that he can take care of himself," I said.

Erza spun around with her glare from earlier back in place. "It's true that he can take care of himself, but he's still a comrade," she said.

I inhaled sharply and stared at her with wide eyes. "You think he's a comrade?" I asked quietly. Why is she starting to think so highly of Dragneel? She practically thought of him as a threat to the guild until the Lullaby incident.

"He's a member of Fairy Tail, is he not?" Erza asked calmly.

My eyes widened even more. My shock turned into anger. "He could have fooled me," I growled out. "He hates everyone. He hates the guild. He's never even at the guild unless he's getting a request. He puts anyone that annoys him in the hospital. He doesn't act like a member of Fairy Tail."

"From what I've seen, you just described Laxus too," Lucy pointed out.

I turned around and stared at her with wide eyes. She's right. I couldn't think of anything else to say, so she walked past Erza and I. I turned to watch her leave. I saw Erza stand there with wide eyes as well.

Looks like she still doesn't think as highly of Dragneel as she makes others think.

Without another word, Erza and I follow Lucy and Happy out of the tent.

We started running as soon as we got out of the tent. Are we going to search the entire island for him? "You know Lyon best, Gray," Erza broke the ice. "Why is he doing this?"

"He wants to defeat Deliora," I answered without hesitation.

"He's after something like that?" Lucy asked in shock. "Deliora is already defeated, so why bring him back? What's he trying to prove?"

"Since I've known him," I began to explain, "Lyon's only ambition was to surpass Ur. So now that Ur isn't around anymore, he's trying to be better than her by defeating Deliora, an enemy she couldn't defeat."

He's taking this too far though. Ur would never have approved of hurting innocent people like this. He's become too obsessed with defeating her.

"I see," Lucy said. "I guess that's the only way to surpass a dead person." Of course Lucy would understand his side of the story.

"No," I said. "There's something that he doesn't know."

"What?" Lucy asked in confusion.

I grit my teeth. "It's true that Ur is no longer with us," I said, "but Ur is still alive."

Lucy and Erza inhaled sharply. "You're kidding?' Happy yelled.

"What does that mean?" Erza asked. "Just what happened in your past?"

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