Christmas Special Pt.2

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A/N: And finally! What- I hope- you've all been waiting for. Christmas Special Pt. 2. Now now. I know Christmas has passed but I feel I owe it to you guys. So... on to the story.


The thought that Lucy could have rather been in his place made his blood boil in anger.

"Men! Charge at him!" The leader yelled crazily. At that moment, Natsu was only seeing red.

He lashed out at them.

Natsu soon smashed his fist into the first man's face. He kicked away the one who tried to sneak up on him. He followed this way, soon taking up a pattern.

Then men thought they had figured out how he fought and tried to charge him in large groups.

Good, Natsu thought. Come in large numbers.

He stood still, waiting. The leader seemed to have noticed that something was wrong because his eyes began to widen in shock as he realized that Natsu was about to use magic.

"Stop! Stop!" He tried to warn his men but they were far too loud at the moment to even hear their leader. The leader found himself unable to retreat.

Natsu sucked in a huge amount of air, his cheeks puffed out and all in one breath, he released it.

The flames came out with a roar. The mob of men stopped dead in the their tracks and screamed. The flames engulfed them and they just barely looked like human beings when the fire diminished. 

Natsu released a breath. "M-m-monster, you're a monster!" The leader yelled.

Natsu was impressed.  To have been able to still speak after that was quite impressive.

And for once, Natsu was not in the least bit affected by his enemy's words. He felt good that he had done it for the sake of Lucy. It all contributed to her safety and others as well.

Using his magic for good things made a really nice feeling come in his tummy. He's never really felt good when using his magic. That's why he usually restricted himself to using combat.

He sighed and started to walk away. He was reminded of the fact that whiles everyone was celebrating, he was here fighting. On this great day, look what he was doing.

Natsu chuckled humorlessly as he reminisced that period where he knew nothing about Christmas. Acnologia was a man hating dragon, y'know?

"Ugh! Human and their stupid festivities! I just want to destroy them all! How dare they disturb me, Acnologia, the dragon king!" He bellowed into the sky.

"Hmm? What are you talking about?" Natsu questioned curiously. What could the petty humans have done that could have made his mentor so furious? 

Acnologia, obviously not wanting Natsu to learn the stupid  traditions of the humans, waved it off.

For all the years Natsu had been with Acnologia, the chaos dragon had not once mentioned to him the celebration that went on getting to the end of every year. So when he had joined Fairytail- not his choice- and he saw what they were doing, he had been beyond confused. He thought that it had been one of their usual useless, senseless, waste of time parties.

He had been leaving the guild when-

"Dragneel? Where are you going? You're not staying for the celebration?" Gray had asked. Natsu had meant to ignore him but something in him told him to stay and listen. 

He gazed at Gray, not answering his question. Both boys were silent for awhile. A few of the older members began to notice the tension in the air, and sent their attention towards them. 

"What celebrations? Isn't this another one of your stupid parties?" Gray did not mind the fact that Natsu had just insulted him, rather he came to the conclusion that the dragon slayer had no sort of information on what today was. His mouth was agape in the shock that somebody didn't know what today was. 

"Natsu, today is Christmas," Master Makarov pointed out like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Which it was but not to the chaos dragon slayer. He repeated the word, it sounded so foreign to him. Well, it was, seeing as he had never heard it before.

Natsu was broken out of his past memories of when he was young by the blondie, Lucy. She stared at him in surprise. 

She called out his name, "Natsu?" 

Natsu was surprised, wasn't he in the forest just minutes ago? He waved it off. He just continued to gaze blankly at the blonde. 

"AH! Merry Christmas Natsu. Here's your gift. I have been looking all over for you. Come on in." 

He entered, and saw that Gray, Erza and Happy were inside. He smiled warmly on the inside. 

He knew he was no longer lonely. He had Lucy, Happy and the guild.

A/N: I apologise sincerely, I have taken so long to update and Christmas has passed! 

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