Christmas Special Pt. 1

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A/N: Hey ya'll! I just wanna say that this Christmas Special has nothing to do with the story's current area. (As in, whatever happens here will not affect the story directly.) Christmas is a time for nostalgia, but it's also a time for making new friends! End the year 2016 with a blast as this is the last Sunday of the year. Enjoy the fellowship of new friends, and cherish your family in this season of loving and sharing. Merry Christmas guys!


It was the season of Christmas and Magnolia was filled with nothing but merry making. Nobody was gloomy, not a single person was left out of the celebrations going on. Well with the exception of our great dragon slayer whom was not welcomed anywhere, after all in the eyes of the people, he was nothing but a monster who would not hesitate to kill many others. 

He excluded himself from the jubilation and just assumed that no one wanted him around. He wandered around like a homeless person as people stopped their conversations to gaze at him in annoyance and fear. They whispered among themselves;

"What's he doing here?"  

"Is he here to stop our celebrations just because he feels lonely?"

"What are you saying? Him, lonely? That guy's a monster! He doesn't have emotions!"

"Don't you know he can hear you? Shut up before he decides you're his next victim!"

That's right. I can hear every single insult you're throwing at me. It seems like this is another lonely year for me. Happy always stays at the guild to celebrate. I am unwanted there so I can't even stay on the second floor.

All these thoughts were running through the head of our Chaos Dragon Slayer. He was snapped out of his thoughts though when he heard the sound of loud cheer from the guild he was part of. He briefly wondered what they were doing but later on shrugged it off. It's not like they'd invite me to their christmas celebrations.

He felt so incredibly alone. Where was  the blonde girl whom was normally behind him all the time though? Well she was also at the party having been invited by her guildmates as they hoped that the dragon slayer would follow behind her so it could be a complete family gathering.

He frowned. He didn't need them. That was not how Acnologia trained him to be. He was trained to have no emotions whatsoever, how come he was letting all that go the moment he met the blonde celestial mage? It was unfathomable to him.

It was at times like these that he felt so degraded. He sometimes was consumed with so much hatred at Acnologia for having taking him in. He just wanted to be a normal mage with no scary powers and was free with everyone. Soon however, he'd come to his senses and realize that had it not been for Acnologia, he would have been dead. 

Out on the streets right now were mostly couples which made him feel all the more lonelier. Oh what he'd do to have that sometime in the future. But what girl would want to have a future with the big bad monster Chaos? Maybe Lucy would be with me. 

A small fraction of him thought that. The bigger and more dominant part of him however said; You'd be selfish to do something like that. You may have thought that just because she said that you're her friend, that doesn't mean that she would want to spend the rest of her life with you. After all you're a monster.

No, he thought to himself frantically, "I can never be a monster,"he declared it out loud. He realized his slip up a second too late as the townsfolk began to whisper and make a huge fuss on what he had said.

He ignored all that they spoke and instead hurried to get himself away from all the publicity. He eventually jumped on a roof and just moved straight ahead, desperate to get out of the city. 

Finally, he was in the forest. He glanced around and let his ears be alert in case of any vicious animal or human being that could be around. 

He relaxed and just strolled. There was nobody that could disturb him, there could be peace and quiet for hm. Right on cue, a group  of bandits jumped out of the bushes. They snickered among themselves not knowing who they had caught. 

Natsu sighed to himself, these people did not know who they had decided to ambush, at least he wasn't the only one who was not celebrating Christmas. No matter, they could entertain him as he waited for the festive season to fade away and for things to go back to their normal ways. 

"Finally boys! We have been waiting for someone to come and here he is! Although we would have preferred a female but you'll do! Get him!" The thought that Lucy could have been in his place sent anger through his system.

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