Lets try this again maybe...

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Cole's P.O.V

After Aiden left, my dad and I went out the back door, shifted then ran off towards where the rogues were last reported.

We ran as fast as we could, the trees just streaks of green and brown as my paws pounded the ground along with my dads. I skidded to a halt when we came upon three rust colored wolves with crazed blood red eyes. my dad and I hunched down in fighting positions as the rogues attacked.

Sure I'm an Alpha, but these things are strong. I was currently pinned underneath the biggest rogue rolling around trying to get free to break his neck.

I slightly moved to the right, the wolf on top of me snapped his jaws to the right expecting to get my neck, but at the last second I flung my head left and up. My jaws grasped his neck with a satisfying crunch. I threw the dead rogue off of me to see the other two rogues lying dead on the ground with my fathers wolf panting hard.

'Are you alright Cole?' my dad mind linked

'Yeah dad, a better question is are YOU okay?' I asked him back.

His wolf just nodded and started to walk back in the direction of our house. When we reached home we shifted back into human forms and pulled on the extra close stashed inside a few different trees just incase.

My dad and I walked inside just in time to my mom setting the table for dinner.

"Are my boys okay? are you hurt in any way?" My mom said worriedly dropping everything she was doing, and rushing over to us.

I groaned "Mom were fine." I said annoyed

"I was just making sure so do not use that tone with me." mom said sternly

I just gave her a big hug then started up the stairs,

"I'm going to take a shower before dinner!" I yelled behind my shoulder

"Okay!" mom yelled back

I got to my room and went into my bathroom. right before I undressed I got a brilliant I idea. I ran back downstairs to mom and dad.

"Hey mom, hey dad you know I love you guys so much right?" I asked sweetly

"What do you want?" mom said with a flat tone.

"Do you think my friend Aiden could come over for dinner please? he was here earlier and we were watching a movie but dad came in and told me about the rogues. I probably have a lot of explaining to do because when dad came on with the rogue report Aiden was behind me and he is human."

"Yeah sure he can come over for dinner." my mom said

Really?! That long of a speech for an 8 word answer?

"Thank you! I'll go call him now!' I said over-excitedly.

April'S P.O.V (Cole's mom)

"You do now that there is something else going on right?" I asked my husband and mate Roy.

"Yeah I do but our boy can figure it out himself." he said with a smile


I was sitting on my bed listening to Jaime Preciado's song I'm the Secret. I quietly sang along under my breath when my phone started vibrating.

I looked at the caller I.D. an saw that it was Cole. I quickly answered it wasting now time.

C: Cole. A: Aiden

A: Hey Cole

C: hey Aiden, I have a question for you

A: Hopefully I have an answer for you.

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