Goodnight Kiss

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Cole P.O.V

The pain and sadness on Aiden's face as he told me the story about his scars, just killed me. I can't stand seeing my mate sad and hurt. I pulled Aiden into my arms and promised that I would never let anyone hurts him. We stayed in that position for a while before we decided it was time to head back to my truck. Aiden reached to open the passenger side door but I beat him to it.

"Why do you insist on being so nice to me?" he asked as he stepped a bit closer to me.

"Because I want to be the perfect gentlemen. You deserve it." I said with a smile.

Aiden smiled and pulled me into a tight hug.

'Mark Him' My wolf shouted from with me.

I had to hold him back the best I could. I don't want Aiden to freak.

We pulled away and he hopped into the passenger side of my truck. I quickly got into my side before starting the truck and driving away.

"Can I turn on the radio?" Aiden asked looking at me. I quickly glanced at him be fore nodding.

He reached over flipping the radio on. The song that was playing was, Country must be Country Wide by Brantley Gilbert. At first I expected him to change the station because I know he is mkre into rock music but Aiden's face lit up as he said excitedly, "Oh my god! I love this song!".

Aiden turned up the volume so loud it had my sensitive ears ringing. I was about to turn it down but then I saw how much joy Aiden had on his face as he sang along and danced a little bit in his seat to the song.

I laughed and retracted my hand.

"In every state, theres a station.

Playing Cash, Hank, Willie, and Waylon.

In foreign cars and four wheel drives

Theres Cowboys and Hillbillies" He sang along perfectly.

I just sat there driving quietly, listening to him sing and get lost in the music. After a few minutes the song ended and Aiden sat back in his seat and laughed.

"I didn't know you liked that kind of music. " I said nonchalantly as we neared his house.

"Well I love it and Rock music. Though I prefer rock, country is awesome. Aiden answered.

I smiled and spared him a glance to see him already looking at me. When Aiden saw me looking back he turned away blushing. That brought another big smile to my face.

I turned down Aiden's street and instintally saddend a bit, knowing that he would leave and I wouldn't be able to see him for a few days. It was Saturday today and I had training Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for the next 3 weeks, then I had football practice on Thursday and Fridays. I will have to wait an entire week. I pulled into Aiden's Drive way and hopped out to go get his door for him. I helped him out before I then continued to walk him up to his porch.

"Thank you Cole for everything. Tonight was amazing." Aiden said before huggin me. I wrapped my arms around his thin frame and squeezing him slightly.

"It was no problem, I enjoyed every minute of it." I said with a big smile as we pulled away from each other. I still held him close not wanting to let go, but I knew I had to so I released my grip. Queitly, Aiden let out a tiny wimper due to the seperation of out skin contact. He reached for the door when something clicked inside my head.

"Hey, Aiden wait. Do you have any plans tomorrow? Because I was wondering if we could hang out again, maybe go get coffe or go see a movie. I mean if you want to spend time with me. If you, thats your choice but I would like some company so I dont look like a creep..." I rambled on until Aiden shut me up by saying, "I would love to but I can't. I'm so so so so so sorry. My mom invited friends over and she wants me to co e with when they go fabric shopping." he said.

"Oh, well thats okay." my voice had a hint of hurt in it. I looked at Aiden and his face was full of guilt. He felt bad because he already has plans.

"I have to go, I'll see you at school." I mumbled.

"I'm really sorry. Good Night Cole." he still felt bad. I acted on instinct. I couldn't let my mate be sad. I pulled him close and kissed him. Aiden stood frozen before he melted in my body. Good thing my arms were around him or else he would have hit the ground. We pulled back efore I whispered "Don't be sad beautiful."

I quickly kissed him once mkre before stepping back. We were both smiling like idiots as we parted ways. I got in my truck and looked back at his house. Aiden looked out the window and waved to me, he still looked a little dazed. I waved back before starting the 15 minute drive to my house.


Sorry it's so late! I had mid-terms and a lot of studying. I also had math homework that I still dont understand. Anyways its up now and I have a snowday tomorrow and some ideas so you never now I could post another chapter to make up for the one that I missed. Also besides studying and homework, I have been watching Supernatural on Netflix. I'm on season4 episode11.

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