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Aiden's P.O.V

I am extremely surprised but I didn't let that stop me. I slowly walked up to the large black wolf, or should I say, Cole and ran my fingers through his thick fur. It was so soft.

I knelt down on the ground next to the large wolf and looked into his eyes. Cole stepped closer and nuzzled my neck. I giggled because his fur was tickling my ear.

My face was suddenly attacked by a wet, slobbery tongue. I laughed even harder before getting pushed onto my back on the ground. My face was still getting licked.

"Stop!" I said loudly as I giggled uncontrollably. Cole got off of me and shifted back to his human form, he quickly pulled his clothes on and walked over to me.

"Are you freaked out?" he asked worriedly.

"Did it look like I was freaked out to you? I mean I was at first but now, I think it's amazing." I answered wrapping my arms around his neck. Cole chuckled and pressed his lips to mine. This moment was perfect. Right here, right now. It ended all to soon when my phone started ringing from my pocket.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Aiden honey, Aunt Karen called and Meagan wants you to come to dance class with her. She learned a new routine and she said she wants her favorite cousin to be the first one to see it." my mom said with a slight chuckle.

"Yeah I have no problem with that. Tell them that I will meat them there then I can take Meagan home, ok?" I was extremely excited. My cousin Meagan is 14 and she is always saying that I'm her favorite cousin. She thinks the fact that I'm gay is adorable.

"Ok, bye honey. Remember, I love you."

"Love you to mom." and with that I hung up.

"So you're going to your cousins dance class with her?" Cole asked as he came up from behind me and rested his chin on top of my head.

"Yes, and don't listen into my conversations!" I laughed and walked away causing Cole's head to drop and him to stumble forward a little bit which caused me to laugh.

I walked inside to get something to drink before I had to leave and I heard Cole following me. I grabbed a glass before getting the jug of apple juice from the fridge and pouring some for myself.

"Want some?" I asked Cole and he just shook his head and mumbled a quick 'no thanks'. I shrugged and put the juice back inside the refrigerator. I grabbed my glass before sitting on a stool by the island in our kitchen. As I sat down on the stool the glass slipped from my hands and crashed to the ground but not before splashing all over my pants. My last clean pair of jeans, what? I haven't done laundry in a while.

I groaned and went to pic up the glass but I was beat to it by Cole.

"I'll get it, just go and change." he said. I went to argue but he gave me a stern look and I sighed and trudged upstairs. I pulled of my wet, sticky pants before looking through my drawers for something to wear.

"Yes!!!" I whispered as I found another pair of skinny jeans. I didn't think I had anymore clean! I ran back downstairs to see that my mess was cleaned up.

"Thank you Cole. I could've cleaned up my mess." I said

"I don't mind. I enjoy helping you, now you should probably get going if you want to be on time." he said

I nodded before grabbing my keys and heading out. I locked the door and walked to my car with Cole. he walked me to my old beat up car and gave a quick kiss and hug before saying goodbye.

I hopped in the drivers seat before sticking the key into the ignition and turning it. Nothing happened. I tired turning it again. My car sputtered before dying again. I glanced at my gas gage to find the low fuel light on. I jumped out of my car to see Cole still here. I ran over to his truck and knocked on the passenger side window. He jumped before rolling the window down.

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