This Can't be Happening to Me

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Cole's P.O.V

I am sitting next to my mate's hospital bed, the same spot I've been in for 3 weeks. The staff keep trying to get me to leave, I won't go because it's my fault he is in here. If I would've been paying attention Aiden would be okay right now.

His parents yell and scream at me for their son being in the hospital every chance they get. What they scream at me is nothing compared to the things I tell myself.

"Aiden baby, please wake up. I need you more than anything. You're my life, the reason I'm here. it's my fault you are in the hospital and in a coma. Your parents yell at me for it vein my fault, don't try think I already know that? just please, please, please wake up. I love you." I begged holding his hand.

'It's not your fault,' a melodious voice floated through my head. My quickly searched the room but there was no one.

"Aiden? Is that you?" I asked in a whisper

'Yeah, it is, its me Aiden. I just really want you to know that this want your fault, that guy was in our lane and want doing anything to prevent the crash.' his voice was once again in my head.

"I should've been paying attention to the road. Are you okay? how are you doing this?" I whispered, leaning in and resting my elbows on the bed to support me.

'I don't know. I will be alright where I am going.' Aiden's voice faded out of my head before the heart monitor became one long drawn out steady beep.

"No! No! No! This can't be happening to me! I can't live without you!" I screamed as nurse and doctors ran in towards Aiden. I was pulled out of the room by someone very strong. I fought the whole way but I was weak due to my wolf and I grieving. Once I was out of the room I was released, I turned to see my dad along with Andy standing behind him.

"Dad, what do I do?" I sobbed out hugging my dad.

"It's okay, it's okay. We will get through this." he mumbled ini my hair.

I pulled back and wiped my eyes at the sound of footsteps. I looked over to see Uncle Troy and Aunt Sara rushing down the hall.

They said nothing as they engulfed me in a big loving embrace. A few more tears escaped my eyes an slid down into aunt Sara's shoulder. the sound of doctors and nurses running around in my mates hospital room was very clear and I just wanted to shut it out and hold my mate in my arms.

I pulled away and went and sat next to my mother before leaning my head on her shoulder. Normally, an Alpha wouldn't display weakness but this is an exception. It feels like something is ripping my insides apart, slowly just to make the pain worse and last longer.

But there was something odd. I still felt as though the bond was alive. the feeling was faint but still there.

"Dad, something's weird." I said lifting my head. He rushed over to me.

"What's wrong son?" my dad asked frantically.

"The mate bond, I still feel it." I said looking up at his face.

He looked confused. "You shouldn't still feel it, did anything weird happen before Aiden passed?"

I nodded.

"He was talking to me. I was just sitting there holding his hand when I could hear him talking to me in my head, he even responded when to me when I talked back." I explained.

"That means he isn't completely gone." uncle Troy spoke up.

"If he isn't gone them why does it hurt so bad?" I asked through clenched teeth as the pain intensified.

"Because physically, Aiden is gone, but in a somewhat spiritual sense he is still here." he explained

"Is it possible he can come back?" my mom spoke up.

"I believe so but there is a very slim chance it would work." uncle Troy stated

"What do you mean?" I said angrily while standing up.

"There are many boundaries that he must pass in order to come back and only so little time."

That's when the pain hit me so hard I dropped to the floor, whacking my head before everything went fuzzy.

I could make out people crowding me. I want them away from me... now!!!

I let out a deep warning growl, telling them to stay back. they backed up slightly but not enough.

Another growl ripped from my chest but this time much more vicious causing everyone to run back.

My vision slowly cleared up as my grieving wolf pushed through. I saw my family and a few others looking at me with frightened expressions on there faces. All except for my dad.

I stood up and pushed past everyone, I needed out. I bolted down all four flights of stairs then out the emergency exit. I ran all the way to the woods, at which point I shifted. I don't know where I'm headed, my wolf was almost completely in control.

The trees few by in blurs of green and brown. Before long, I stopped and looked around. The place where Aiden and I had our first date.

In the middle of the clearing I saw home there.

My beautiful mate, waiting for me.


So what do ya think is going to happen? :) I told my sister about my sister about my story and the end of this chapter and she had told me to ask what you guys think is going to happen!


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