Getting Ready

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Cole's P.o.V

"Hey mom, do you have any clothes from when I was a baby?" I asked.

"How old is the child you guys are adopting?"

"He is 8 months and his name is Jayce." I answered.

"Awww, but um yeah I have an old portable crib that you could use for the time being. I also saved your baby clothes for when you had a child." My mom said, she lead me to the attic.

I climbed up into the attic as my mom told me from below where all the stuff was. I grabbed two totes labeled 'Baby Clothes' and drug them over to the opening. I also pulled the folded up crib over.

My mom had called my dad to help get everything down as Aiden was at the pack house painting Jayce's room. After he finished and I got everything for Jayce, we were going to paint our room.

"Thank you guys for helping." I said as I jumped down.

"It's no problem, it's so exciting!!!" My mom yelled.

"My baby is all grown up! I am going to be a grandma!" she yelled a tear escaping her eye.

Dad went and hugged her before she broke loose and attacked me with hugs.

"Ok mom, we need to get tjis stuff over to the pack house." I said trying to push her off me. She finally let go and my phone went off.

Aiden texted me sayibg that he finished Jayce's room.

We loaded up my truck before we all climbed in and drove to the pack house.

"Dad, when are you going to take care of the Alpha blood situation with Jayce?" I asked my father.

"The council has already taken care of it, and don't worry, they didn't hurt the little guy." He explained causing me to smile.

I pulled into the driveway which was filled with a few cars, which is normal.

I walked inside to see Aiden with blue and black paint on him. He was standing in the kitchen eating a sandwich while talking to a few young kids who were about 12.

"Hey guys!" I said as I walked in the kitchen.

I ruffled the three boys hair.

"Alpha Cole!" they all shouted. No matter what I say, everyone calls me Alpha even though I have not taken the position yet.

I chuckled and the boys hugged me. I hugged them back. I have always wanted to be that kind of Alpha, where my pack can just come up to me and feel comfortable talking with me.

The boys ran along as I hugged my mate.

"How does the room look?" I asked. Aiden suddenly got really excited,

"Some of the children from the pack helped me. It looks awesom!" he exclaimed as he motioned for my mom, dad and I to follow him up stairs.

We reached the door, it had Jayce painted on it in fancy letters. Once inside, the walls were a baby blue.

In the center of the wall to our right was a silhouette of a wolf howling. Around the wolf were little hand prints of different sizes, indicating that many children helped out.

"Oh this is just precious!" my mom exclaimed.

"It looks great." I whispered in Aiden's ear.

"Let's go get the stuff from the truck." my dad said so him and I walked out and grabbed it all.

We set up the portable crib in the corner.

"My mom told me that she found a crib that we can have. It has a changing table attached to it." Aiden told us.

"When will we beable to pick it up?" my mom asked.

"She said by today." Aiden replied.

"You and Cole go, we will hang the clothes up." she said with a smile. We thanked her before heading out.

"Are you excited?" I asked my mate.

"Of course, I have always wanted a child. It's amazing being able to raise one with you." he replied grabbing my hand.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

After about 15 minutes, we pulled into his old house. We got out and before I could knock, the door flew open.

"The crib is in the garage." his mom said excitedly. We followed her out to the garage where her husband was working on a riding lawn mower.

The crib was a light wood with a changing table conected to it. under the changing table was ablout 3 drawers.

"Rick, could you help Cole load this up please?" she asked. He got uo and nodded. We both grabbed a side and carried out to my truck.

Aiden dropped the tailgate and we slid the crib in.

The Alpha Ceremony was in two days. My mom had everything set uo yesterday so she could help us today.

"Thank you so mich for the crib." Aiden thanked his mom.

"It was nothing. When will I get to meet Jayce." she asked

"We could all have dinner next week." I suggested putting my arm around Aiden's waste. His mom nodded.

We talked for a few minutes before we had to leave.

As we pulled up to the pack house I realised something.

"We have to take the crib apart unless you want to carry it up 4 flights of stairs."

"We should probably take it apart." Aiden said.

I got out of the truck and dropped the tailgate. Aiden went inside and asked my dad for allen wrenches.

They both came out and we started taking things apart and carrying them up to Jayce's room.

After everything was taken apart and was brought up stairs, we were putting everything back together.

My dad and I were working on the crib, Aiden was finishing hanging up the few remaining items in the closet, and my mom was making some sandwiches.

Aiden was humming a random song.

"Aiden, what song is that?" I joked

"Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles...." he mumbled

"Seriously?" my dad said in disbelief

"Yeah haha." Aiden said with a slight chuckle.

"Never heard it before." I said still working on the crib. Out of thw corner of my eye, I saw Aiden pull out his phone.

I heard you on ny wireless back in '52

Lyin' awake intent on tuning into you

If I was was young it didn't stop you coming through,

I listened to what was playing and laughed. We finished the crib and my mom gave us some sandwiches.

Aiden sat between my legs on the floor while we ate. After lunch we got back to work on things like setting the crib up with bedding and making sure that we had diapers and all that kind of stuff.


I know it sucks but there will only be like 2 more chapters.

If you guys want a sequel I will be more than happy to make one, it would be about Jayce and his life.

I really want for you guys to tell me yes or no on a sequel.



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