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Aiden's P.O.V

I was laying on the couch not really paying attention to whatever was on the tv and my phone started to ring. I pulled out of my back pocket and instantly sat up when I saw that it was Cole calling. He asked if we could hang out and of course I said yes. We agreed on 5 before hanging up.

I glanced at the clock to see that it was 3:45. I have to start dinner soon because my parents went away for the next two weeks. They think that because I'm 16 that I can be responsible and take care of myself for that long. For dinner last night I have mint chocolate chip ice cream.

I procrastinated until 4:15 before getting up and dragging myself to the kitchen. I looked in the fridge and saw literally nothing except a few bottles of sauces and jars of pickles. I sighed an shut the door before checking the freezer. There I found 1 and 1/2 bags of frozen soft pretzel bites. I decided to make all of them and feed Cole as well.

Once they were in the oven I set the timer and went back to my place on the couch. After deciding that there was nothing on and that I can't stand watching stupid dog shows, I went and checked on the food. I ended up pulling them out 3minutes early because they were done. I checked the time to see it was already 4:55. I walked over to the window by the door to check for Cole, nothing.

Cole's P.O.V

I was just a few minutes from Aidens house. I glanced at the time to see that it was already 5:00. I hit the stealing wheel with the palm of my hand and groaned. I sped up a bit eager to see my mate and probably going over the speed limit.

Finally, I pulled into Aiden's driveway at 5:07. I literally ran up to the door and right when I was about to knock, The door opened to reveal Aiden. he was looking as perfect as ever.

"Sorry I was late, family issues." I said stepping inside and hugging him.

"It's no problem, I made pretzel bites an I was thinking we could split them." he said while leading me to the kitchen.

"Yeah that sounds great!"

We both loaded our plates. Aiden reached into the fridge and pulled out a bottle of something.

"What's that?" I questioned as he squirted some on to his plate. Aiden handed me the bottle. Kroger brand Sweat and Sour sauce. I twisted my face into slight disgust at the combination.

"Oh come on, just try it. For me?" he questioned looking at me with a pouty puppy dog face. I sighed, giving in and nodding. Aiden dipped one of my pretzels into his little puddle of sauce then raised it to me. I reached up with my hand to grab it, but he pulled it away and playfully glared at me. this time I just opened my mouth and Aiden happily set the pretzel in.

I was truly surprised at how good it actually tasted.

"That's actually pretty good!" I said after I had swallowed. Aiden nodded happily before putting some sweat and sour sauce on my plate and walking into the living room. We both plopped down on the little love seat while Aiden flipped through channels on the TV.

"Where are your parents?" I asked curiously since I haven't seen them.

"They went on a 'Romantic Getaway' for 2 weeks. they thought since I'm 16 I can handle myself and my grandma doesn't have to come over and babysit me. The thing is, last night I had ice cream for dinner." he answered

I chuckled. Aiden is just to adorable!!! We if fished our food while watching Supernatural.

"You have to admit, Dean is pretty good looking." Aiden said, his eyes glued to the screen. I had to fight back the growl building up in my chest. I can't stand that my mate is thinking about another guy that way! Then it dawned on me, he doesn't know what I am.

I sighed before reaching over and pulling Aiden into my lap. He giggled before settling down and glueing his eyes back to the screen. I dug my knish I to the crook of his next and inhaled deeply, god he smelt so good.

Aiden shivered at my action before asking, "How do you make me feel this way?"

I really wanted to show him my other form, but I really didn't want to scare him.

"Promise you won't run away and you'll talk to me afterwards, okay?" I asked and Aiden nodded. I motioned for him to follow me outside to his backyard that was right on the edge of the woods.

He turned away as I stripped y clothes off so they didn't get ruined.

"I'm a werewolf." I said bluntly as Aiden whipped his head around to give me a pointed look. I quickly shifted into my black wolf and glanced at his reaction. Aiden's eyes were wide as he took a few shaky steps towards me. He slowly reached out and ran his pale hand through the dark hair along my side. My wolf purred at the feeling of our mate petting us.

I know that you have probably read stories about how. The guy rejects hissed at first because they are the same gender, but not now. I love my mate even though he is the same gender as I. I don't see anything wrong with it. Love is love, no matter the pair.

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