Love Letters

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Cole's P.O.V

This Alpha meeting is difficult to say the least. I'm the youngest one here and I have the least amount of experience. Everytime we spar, they put me against someone who they know is stronger than me, but since most of the guys here are over 25, I have speed on my side along with agility and stamina. I was able to beat one Alpha by dodging all of his attacks until he got tired and I attacked him. All of the conferences are terribly boring and they run over the same stuff everyday.

I really miss my mate right now. I've been here for 3 days so it's Wednesday and we talk on the phone every night. Aiden told me that him and my mom are planning a surprise for when I get home.

If those two are planning something together, who knows what you will get, they are both insane.

I suddenly had an idea. I made my way back to my room and grabbed a piece of paper along with a pen.

I wrote,


I love and miss you so much. You are all that I think about.The things I feel for you I can not explain, but I know that my love for you will never change. I smile when I see you or hear you talk.

I will love you in any condition and under any circumstance.

Yours forever,

Cole ♥'

I read it over and smiled. I know he will love it even though it was a bit sappy coming from me. I hope Aiden knows that I meant every word.

I quickly put the letter in an envelope and slapped a stamp on it before running it out to the mailbox.

I know that the letter was poorly written but I've never written one before and it is the thought that counts.

I cannot wait for this meeting to be over so I can go home! My phone vibrated, I looked at the screen to see Aiden's name flash along with, one new message.

I unlocked my phone; it read,


- Hey how's it going? I miss you.


- I miss you to. It's not going as well as I had hoped it would.


- What's wrong babe?


- They are trying to prove that I am a weak Alpha by pairing me with Alpha's who are older and stronger. I just want to come home and see you.


- I will come out there and personally beat someone if I have to!!!


- It's fine babe I can handle it :) I have to go to bed, I have an early morning. I love and miss you.


- Good night. I love and miss you alot!

I smiled at the last text before turning off the lights, plugging my phone in and drifting off to sleep.


Hey guys! So this was just a filler chapter because I have writers block. Also does anyone want to be Aiden's friend? You can even choose how you meet!!!!


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