Family at Last

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Aiden's P.o.V

I hop out of the shower and dry off beofre quickly pulling on a pair of grey skinny jeans along with a red sleeveless shirt and my black high top osiris shoes.

I look at the time on my phone, 11:16.

Cole is literally still asleep and We have to pick Jayce up at noon.

I walk back into our room, I slowly get on the bed and straddle Cole. I softly placed my lips by his ear.

"It's time to get up." I whispered. I felt his hands grab my hips.

I pull my head back and peck his lips.

Cole tries to pull my head back down when I pull away.

"Nope. We have to pick up Jayce soon so you better hurry up and get ready.

I hopped back onto the floor before making my way downstairs.

I made us both a sandwich. Within a few a minutes Cole walked down the stairs, dressed in a black v-neck and cargo shorts with his black vans.

"You're a tease." He stated as he grabbed his food.

"You had to get up, don't act like you didn't like it." I said with a laugh.

"Come on, lets go." He said and rolled his eyes.

We drove to the orphange and I practically ran inside. I could hear Cole laughing from behind me.

"Shut up, I'm excited!" I shouted.

He quickly caught up to me and grabbed my hand. We walked through the door and saw Lynn packing a small bag.

"Alphas, its nice to see you. I will be right back with Jayce." She said with a smile before walking off.

We waited quietly for her to return. I was bouncing the entire time.

Lynn returned a few minutes later Lynn returned with Jayce.

He was wearing the cutest little shark onsie.

She handed his to me so Cole could sign the papers.

"Hey little man." I said as I bounced Jayce slightly.

Cole grabbed Jayce from me so I couldd sign something.

"Thank you so much Lynn." I said.

"Your Welcome Alpha." she stuck her hand out for me to shake but I grabbed her in a hug.

She froze a bit at first but after a few seconds she hugged me back. We pulled awaybefore Cole and I said our goodbyes and thank yous and went over to the pack house.

"We should really get the rest of our stuff here." I stated. The only thing that we needed to bring over was our bed and a little bit of clothes and shoes.

"I can go get them while you stay here with Jayce." Cole suggested and I nodded.

"Iain invited me to the park arou.d 1:30, we could all go and introduce him to Jayce." I said excitiedly.

"Sounds good, be back soon." Cope said as he kissed me quickly before placong a gebtle kiss on Jayce's forehead, then he left.

Jayce and I sat on the floor in his room playing with some toys that April and Roy bought him. He was sitting between my legs so I pulled out my phone and took a picture of us together. I sent it to my mom before setting it as both my home and lock screen.

Cole and his dad arrived at the pack house about and hour later. Jayce had fallen alseep a few minutes after I took the picture. He woke up immediately when one of the guys hit the wall accidentally with the bed frame. Jayce whimpered before I picked him up.

I tried to put him back to sleep but he wasn't having it. I put Jayce on my hip as I walked to Cole's and my room. They had the bed almost set up and a box of clothes.

When I walked in with Jayce, Roy immediately stopped wjat he was doing and came over.

"Hi little guy." He said gently. I handed the baby over to him. Jayce was just smiling away. He kept rubbing his little hand on Roy's stubble and giggling. I went over and helped Cole finish the bed.

"I'm surprised your mom isn't here." I said with a chuckle.

"She is downstairs talking to a few of the women from the pack. She is probably running up the stairs now." Roy joked.

After a few minutes, the mattress was on the bed and I was putting the sheets on. I heard faint footsteps thanks to my wolf hearing, they were moving pretty fast.

"Here she comes." I said with a laugh. April burst through the door way.

"I want to see my grandbaby." she said excitedly.

Roy passed Jayce gently over to her.

"He is precious." April whispered. We spent some time just sitting around together and by 1:15 we were on ourway to John Glen park. I sent a text to Iain saying that I was on my way and that Cole was coming along with a surpirse.

We pulled into the parking lot and got out. I grabbed Jayce from the car seat that April gave us. I spotted Iain sitting at a picnic table.

I wolf whistled, catching his attention.

He got up and jogged over to us.

"Who's this little guy?"he asked looking at Jayce.

"This is Jayce." I said.

"He is adorable." Iain said before straightening himself. He faced Cole.

"Good to see you Alpha." Iain said causing Cole's along with my eyes widened.

"Maddie told me, don't worry. I would never tell anyone." Iain promised.

"I hope not because the consequences Are awful." Cole stated.

"I will never say a word." Iain promised.

"Come on guy's! LEt's go play!" I shouted before running to the slide with Jayce. I set him between my legs and we slid down. Cole aNd Iain were waiting at the bottom smiling and laughing. Jayce was clapping his hands and smiling. We went over to the swings after that. I was the one who ran back and forth pushing everyone.

"Cole you're to heavy." I whined as I pushed him. I stated pushing only Jayce and Iain.

"I am not that heavy." Cole said with mock hurt.

I just chuckled and rolled my eyes. The four of us played for a few hours until Jayce got tired.

"We should go see a movie some day." I told Iain and he nodded. I hugged him goodbye and him and Cole did the guy hug thing. I strapped Jayce into his car seat before getting into the passenger seat. Cole hopped into the drivers side before starting the truck and backing out of the parking spot. We passed Iain and waved goodbye.

Cole grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. The car ride was quiet except for the faint snoring of Jayce.

We pulled into the driveway of the pack house.

"Everything has finally fallen into place, it's perfect. I love you so much. Cole whispered as he faced me.

"I love you too." I whispered back before grabbing Jayce and we all walked inside.

__The End________________________

I really want to thank you guys for sticking with this story and enjoying it!!

There will be a sequel, any idea's for a title? It will be about Jayce and him growing up.

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