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Cole's P.O.V

To say I was nervous was a complete understatement. I really didn't want to mess this upand just end up hurting my mate. I just rdeally hope he really wants this and all of the pain isn't going to be for nothing.

"Ok, so we need to pour some of the wolfsbane into a bowl big enough for me to dip my claws into." I told Aiden and he quickly did what I asked him. Once evrything was ready I looked him straight in the eyes.

"Are you sure that this is what you want?" I asked, needing to know that this is definitely what he wants to be done.

Aiden nodded, you could tell that he was nervous. I would blame him, he has to go through the pain of this then the horrible pain of his first shift.

I positioned myself so I had easy access to his lower back and I was holding him down. With where I have to sink my claws into him, if he were to move something could get physically damaged and he wouldnt even become a werewolf so it could heal.

"You have to stay as still as possible I. order for everything to go correctly. Are you ready?" I ask nervously.

"As ready as I'll ever be."

"I love you Aiden."

"I love you too Cole" right after thise words passed his lips, I sunks my wolfsbane dipped claws into his lower back. He flinched slightly causing me to hold him down tighter. He sucked a breathe in quickly, then whimpered slightly in pain. I was expecting much more, such as crying, screaming, trying to get away, you know the stuff that normally happens when someone does something painful to you.

After a few minutes, I heard his bones start cracking and popping. I pulled my claws out quickly before jumping off of him. I picked him up gently and quickly took him outside. The whole time, Aiden was surorisingly quiet. He only whimpered a few times. I shifted and sat next to him as he squirmed around. I nuzzled hi. neck with my muzzle to calm him down, and after about 15 minutes, Aiden was a pure white wolf.

His blue eys stayed the same but after we mate and we mark each other, they will glow a very bright blje like mine, dispalying that he is an Alpha.

'Aiden, baby are you okay?' I tried to mind link him hoing that it would work.

'I'm perfectly fine, that didn't hurt many as much as I thought it would.' he replied. I was releived tbat everything went great.

I stepped closer to him, noticing that he is only a little bit smaller than I am. I nuzzled myslef into his neck, he pulled back slightly and licked my face. I yipped playfully and motioned with my head for him to folllow me. I took off running, glancing back to see Aiden gaining on me fast. isnapped my head back and pushed my legs to go faster. Withing seconds he was right next to me and soon he wasinfromt og2 me, leaving me in the dust.

I couldn't keep up with him which is very strange since I am an Alpha I am bigger, stronger, and faster. We made a lao arou d the property before circling back to the cabin.

'Uh... What do we change into?' Aiden linked me

'Just shift and we can get dressed inside. '

I shifted back into my human form and turned around to see Aiden walk behind a tree and shift back. As he walked out from behind the tree, he tried to hide himself with his hands. I growled loudly seeimg as my mate was hiding himsleef from me. Aiden jumped at the growl but iwalked out to him. I captured his lips with mine.

I pulled away and picked him up bridal style before using my wolf speed to get us inside. I gently placed hi on our bed and was about to take him as mine but then something inside of me, made me wait. Aiden needed his rest after all of the stuff that happened today.

I stepped away slowly and grabbed pjs for bothus us and tossed him his pair.

"W-whats wrong? Did I do something?" he asked both worried and confused

I fi ished slipping on my pajamas amd I turned to see Aiden's pajamas still in the same pace that I tossed them.

"You need to reat after all that happened today. Trust me, you didn't do anything." I assured him.

I sat down on the foot of the bed.

"If I needed rest, I would've told you."he whispered as he crawled over to me. Aiden stood onhis knees as he kissed my cheek down to my coller bone.

That's all it took to shove my wolf over the edge.


Sorry if this was crap!!! I really am!!!!! I only plan on going up to 30 chapter in this book. As you can tell I dom NOT right dirty stuff. It's just weird and I dont like to write it. So yeah...lol... Please tell me what you think :)


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