Asked Out

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This chapter is Aiden's perspective of the first day.

Aiden's P.O.V

I was walking down the hallway headed towards my first hour, Mrs. Bradlee language arts, when I crashed into what seemed like a brick wall and I fell to the ground.

I looked up from my spot on the floor to see a tall guy, about 6'2 with bright green eyes and dark brown hair all spiked up. I thought he was going to hit me for being gay and call me a faggot. I was wrong, he bent down and grabbed my books as I got up.

The guy held me books out for me and when I went to grab them my hands brushed his. Sparks, wait no, fireworks erupted in my hand and shot through the rest of my body. I instantly yanked me hand back and so did he, causing my books to slam to the floor. He glanced over at his friend then pinned me against the lockers with superhuman speed.

"Mine" he growled into my neck. Wait growled? What is going on?!

Now I was terrified. The guys friend's eyes suddenly widened and then he pulled this guy off me. They both walked away leaving me absolutely terrified. I quickly picked up my books and ran to class. I stepped into the room right as the bell rang. I zoned out as Mrs. Bradlee explained things.

The rest of the day went by pretty fast. Then final bell rang and I jumped out of my seat and practically ran to my locker. I quickly grabbed my backpack and stuffed everything in it them ran outside. I'm so happy it's Friday!

I started my walk home and about 5 minutes into it a black 3 quarter ton Chevy Silverado truck pulled up next or me.

"Hey you need a ride?" The guy from earlier said as he poked his head out the window.

"No, first off not after what happened earlier and second, I don't even know you!" I said

"Sorry about earlier, but my name is Cole." He said as he pulled his truck over to the the curb and got out.

"Names Aiden." I said. Coles flashed me a warm smile before asking,

"Do you think we could possibly hang out sometime? Maybe Friday night?"

I thought about it.

"I guess we can." I answered and smiled.


Sorry it took so long and it's so short but its up now!!!



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