Choosing a Child

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Cole's P.o.V

Today is the day that Aiden and I are going to the pack orphanage which is right next door to the pack house.

I heard the water shut off indicating that Aiden was done showering. Since I am already showered and dressed, once Aiden was ready we could leave. He soon walked out of the bathroom wearing a dark blue t-shirt and some light denim skinny jeans.

"Are those superman socks?" I teased.

"Oh hush, your just jealous." he joked as he pulled on his grey converse. I slipped on my black converse as we walked out of the door. Today it was nice out so I chose to wear a light pair of denim jeans and a grey t-shirt.

We hopped into my truck and drove off to the pack orphanage.

"Do you think that after the meeting we could go hang outat the pack house so I could get to know the pack members?" I asked hopefully.

"Yeah thats a great idea. Also I was thinking that maybe when we take over the pack, we could possibly live in the pack house?" Cole asked as he made a left turn.

"Sounds great, we could probaby get one of the women to watch our kid when we go to school." I said.

"They would love to be able to play with a new pup." he said with a smile. I intertwined our fingers together on the console.

Cole pulled I to a long driveway that lead up to a hug house. Next to the house was a maller house.

"Welcome to the pack house, the smaller one is the orphange." Cole explained.

I nodded and we got out after he oard and started walking towards the ophange doors.

"Good Morning Alpha, is this your mate?" the elderly lady at thefront desk asked.

"Good morning Lynn, and yes he is. My father called and set up an appointment, right?" Cole asked.

"Why yes he did, if you would please follow me and you can see the lovely children." Lynn said as she motioned for us to follow her.

We entered a room with about 8 children inside. My eyes immediately fell on a little boy in a portable crib, he had very little hair and big brown eyes.

"I will leave you two alone to decide." Lynn said before walking out of the room. The children payed no mind to us as they kept playing. I pulled Cole over to the cribin the corner.

I gently lifted the baby out of the crib.

"Hi buddy." I said in a childlike voice. The baby boy gave me a smile, I could see his bottom to teeth poking through. I chuckled, Cole came up behind me and looked at the boy in my arms.

"Hey little man." Cole said before gently grabbing him out of my arms. The baby snuggled right up to Cole's chest.

Lynn walked backed in and smiled when she saw her soon to be Alpha snuggled up to a baby.

"This is Jayce, he is 8 months old, he sleeps through the night, he eat alot but he does still take a bottle, he is teething but yet he is still a queit baby." she explained.

"I think Jayce has a family now." Cole said looking tome and I nodeed with huge grin.

"I will notify your father and I assume that you will pick him up after the Ceremony?" Lynn asked.

"Yes, thank you Lynn." Col aid as he put Jayce back into his crib.

Lynn smiled.

"We will be over at the pack house if you need anything." Coel said before we all said our goodbyes and thank you. We went next door but beofee we went inside, Cole froze.

"There is a new scent that I have never smelt before, stay behind me." he instructed. I have never been to the packhouse before so I do not know the woles who live here's scent.

Once inside, Cole was staring at the couch. There were two people sitting there.

I recognized one of the people,

"Iain?" I asked causing his head to whip over.

"Hey Aiden, I take it that this is your boyfriend?" he asked.

"Yeah this is Cole. Cole this is my friend Iain." I introduced them. They shook hands but Cole was glaring at Iain.

"Madison, what is he doing here?" Cole asked causing the girl on the couch to shoot up and walk over.

"I am sorry Alpha, he asked if we could hang out so I invited him over." she replied and bowed her head.

"Next time, I would like you to inform my father or I of visitors." Madison nodded beofre Cole dragged me off. We went up the stairs to the top floor.

"This is the Alpha's Level, do you stillwant to live here?" Cole asked.

"Yes, it would be a lovely place to raise Jayce. By the way, doesn't he have to have Alpha blood?" I asked

"My dad told me that he and the Great Council have it al figured out, he wouldn't tell me what they had planned though." he explained and I just dropped it.

The rest of the day Cole introduced me to most of the pack.


Hey guys, so I am sorry if yku didnt like it. This chapter was deleted 3 times and I don't know why....

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