Good-Bye Alpha

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Cole's P.O.V

Ever since our date, Aiden has been the only thing on my mind. Training was terrible because I couldn't focus putting me in a bad place. Every time wwe would practice fighting I would lose evry time. Now its Friday and I am on my way to football practice with Andy.

We arrived at the field 15 minutes early even after we changed and no one was there yet not even coach.

"Where is everyone?" Andy asked, right after he said my phone went off from my bag.

It was our friend Chan e whomis also on the team.

-Practice was canceled- I read the text outloud and Andy groaned. We went back into the locker room and changed. I am mad now. I could've been spending time with my mate!

I said my goodbyes to Andy before running to my car and calling Aiden.

"Wassup?" Aiden's voice sounded through the phone.

"Hey are you doing anything? Because practice was cancelled and I really want to see you." I asked trying not to sound to desperate.

"I'm literally doing nothing and I would love to see you to. You want to meet at my house at 5?"

"Yeah that's no problem. I'll see you there. Bye."

"See'ya later." he said and ended the call.

I sighed happily with a smile and went home. I pulled into the drive way glancing at the time to see that it was only 3:45. I hopped out of my truck and walked slowly inside. My dad and I still haven't talked since I told them Aiden was my mate. Now that I'm thinking about it, my mom hasn't said anything to me. That's not a good sign.

As soon as I walked through the door my dad was there waiting for me.

"Cole, we need to talk. Now." he said sternly and motioned for me to follow him as he asked into the living room. When I stepped into the linking room I saw my dad sit down next to my mom and Brent was there also. I sat down on the second couch next to my brother.

"Cole we need to talk abou-"

"Its about Aiden, isn't it? You are going to say that it's wrong for me to have a mate that is also a guy. You are going to say that it's disgusting and that you hate it. Well you know what, I accept him and I already love him." I said as I stood up. I finished and was about to leave when Brent jumped up and gripped my arm.

"You are right. I was goings to say that, every single word. But you forgot something, we no longer want you in this pack because you are a disgrace!" My dad shouted. My mom just smiled and nodded. I could feel the hatred coming off of them in waves. I glanced at Brent and he was giving our parents a cold hard glare.

I turned and walked up the steps I to m room. I packed everything I owned before going back downstairs.

"I will be back for my bed, dresser and Tv." I gave my parents one last look full of hatred.

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