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Aiden's P.O.V

"Hey Cole, do you think you could see what's wrong with my car? I need to go to the store." I asked

"Yeah, my uncle used to be a mechanic and he thought me a few things." he answered standing up but not before pecking me quickly on the lips.

I watched as Cole headed outside to my car. I debated whether or not to go outside just incase he needed help. with a sigh. I stood up and sighed then walked outside.

Cole looked up from whatever he was doing and shot me a smile. I smiled back before walking over to the car. Je had popped the hood and was pulling something out.

"All you needed was a new spark plug and your carburetor is all plugged up." he said and I just nodded because I don't know what he is talking about.

He pulled out this round thingy and took a rag before starting to clean it out. After a few minutes Cole placed the thingy back into its original spot then pulled out a white thing that had a burnt end.

"See your spark plug is dead. It's been used for to long." he said throwing it away and whipping his hands on his jeans leaving black marks.

"Where do we get a new one?" I questioned

"Auto parts store. you want to go now?"


We both hopped into Cole's truck before driving of. We were just messing around in the car like changing the radio station when a song the other person liked was on, poking each other, ect.

"About what I said earlier." things got serious for a moment. "I really did mean it, I love you." I said looking at Cole who was focused on the road but he had a giant smile on his face.

"I love you to." he said looking over at me. I couldn't be happier, until I looked back at the road.

Someone swerved into our lane and wasn't slowing down or turning back into his lane.

"Look out!!!" I screamed and Coles head snapped forward, he jerked the wheel but it was to late. Our cars collided. Everything went dark.


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