Will you go out with me?

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Cole's P.O.V

After I stormed out I heard my dad and Vic leave while my mom just cleaned up.

I tried to go to sleep early but Aiden was taking over my mind and I couldn't sleep. I decided that I had to see him again, tonight. I quietly got up pulled shoes and a hoodie on ten crept down the stairs and out to my car.

When I reached Aiden's street, I parked about 4 houses down then walked to his house. I silently walked around the house until I saw Aiden's window. He was sitting in front of it with his earbuds in reading. I reached down and grabbed a small handful of loose rocks then gently trough one at his window.

Of course he didn't hear it, so I threw one a bit bigger and I threw it harder. that time he noticed and jumped. he stood up and looked out the window.

I put on my award winning smile as Aiden looked at me. He slid his window open,

"What are you doing here?" he hissed at me

"Well, I thought I would just drop in and ask a very beautiful person a very important question." I answered

"If you're looking for someone beautiful, you have the wrong house. " Aiden mumbled.

"Nope I have the right house and I know that because I'm looking at you beautiful."

His cheeks flooded with a very vibrant pink that you could see even in the dim light coming out of his window out into the night sky.

"What's your question then?" he as asked quietly.

"Well I was wondering if you would do me the honor of going out with me?" I asked biting my lip nervously. Aiden flashed me a genuin smile before he nodded,

"It would be an honor Mr. Walker." he giggled a bit after word.

"So how is tomorrow at 7? We will go out to dinner and then the movies?" I aksed and Aiden nodded

"Sounds Fantastic."

"I will pick you up. I'll see you tomorrow. " I said before walking backwards a bit. Aiden flahed a smile and wave a bit before backing up and closing his his window. Before I left I could see him jumping around a bit, I chuckled before walking back to my car a drove home.


I can't believe Cole just asked me out! He came to my house at 10 and threw rocks at my window just to ask me out.

Of course after he left I jumped around a bit, but who wouldn't? Cole is one of the cutest guys in school and he actually likes me!

I can't wait until tomorrow gets here! I grabbed some Star Wars pj pants before heading to my bathroom to change. I changed before hurrying to turn off my light an jumping into bed and pulling my grey and black thick blanket over me and drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

Author's Note

Sorry its so short but I have been busy and I'm I dont really know what else to do with the book. I have had many ideas in my head but I am having trouble typing them out....

if you guys have any ideas that I might like I will gladly read them and maybe put them I. the story!

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