L is for Lost

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"Goodnight!" Percy said, kissing Annabeth. She smiled and watched as he walked back to his cabin, humming Secrets. Once she couldn't see or hear him, Annabeth went back inside her cabin. She merrily changed into one of Percy's shirts, taking in the smell of him as she laid down. She had a bad feeling something bad was about to happen, and that didn't help her get to sleep. When she did fall asleep, the nightmare's followed her.

She was in Percy's cabin, but something didn't seem right. It was more messier than usual, and pictures and the Minotaur's horn had fallen off the wall. The bed was messed up, and Percy was nowhere in sight.

"Percy?" she called, and an eerie laugh followed.

"I needed to..... borrow, your friend for a little bit." it said. "Go to Satyr Gleeson Hedge, young one. He'll have a surprise for you..."

Annabeth awoke, tearing the covers off. She ran out of the Athena cabin, only in the oversized tee shirt. Once she was at Percy's cabin, she kicked down the door. Literally. It looked exactly like it had in her dream, and she rushed around, looking for anywhere Percy could have hidden to scare her, but he just wasn't there.


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