J is for Jealous

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Jason watched with envy as Percy laid on a couch with, Thalia, his sister. They were watching a stupid show about penguins, and Jason didn't see how it entertained them.

on of the penguins fell, and Thalia started laughing. "That one's you, Percy!" she said, and Percy stuck his tongue out at her.

He wasn't slow thinking of a comeback. "If anyone's the bird that can't fly, it's you, Thalia." he said, earning Thalia's elbow planted in his gut.

"Sorry, forgot ya lost your curse!" she said in a sing-songy voice.

They started laughing, confusing Jason as they got all caught up talking about stupid inside jokes and what not. Finally, Thalia turned off the T.V. and flipped over so her chin was on Percy's chest and she was looking up at Percy.

"Ya know, after we win this war, you,me, and Grover are gonna go get some dam fries!" she said, and they burst out into laughter.

"Don't forget to stop at the bathrooms, we don't want any dam accidents!" Percy said, making Thalia laugh so hard she struggled to get her next sentence out.

"Let's stop at the gift shop! I want a dam t-shirt!" she said, sending them into laughter again.

Annabeth walked by, sending them a confused/freaked out look. Finally, they stopped laughing and Thalia sighed.

"I'm glad Bob healed you." she said, the room suddenly feeling gloomy.

"I still have that scar..." Percy said, absentmindedly rubbing his shoulder.

They stayed silent for a little while, and they looked like they'd fall asleep at any minute. Suddenly, Thalia spoke softly to Percy.

"I missed you." she said, and Percy smiled with his eyes still closed.

"I missed you to, Thals." he said, opening his eyes barely and looking down at her.

"I love you."

"Love you to, Thalia. Now shut up and sleep." Frank, who had just walked in, stared at Thalia.

"I thought you swore of men. Doesn't saying 'I love you' go against the rules?" he asked.

"Nah, Percy's my little brother." she said, falling asleep with her head on Percy's chest.

Yeah, you could say Jason was a little jealous.


So, this isn't exactly percabeth, but I had to write this. There is an alternate, under the same name. It is percabeth, and it's in Piper's pov.

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