P is for Powerless

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"PERCY!" Annabeth screamed as she was chained up. He tried running to her, but roots had wrapped around his feet, making him immobile.

Gaea laughed as Annabeth struggled to escape. "You can't get away this time, sweetie." she purred, taking Annabeth's dagger. She slid the cold blade across her bare stomach. Annabeth whimpered and squeezed her eyes shut. Percy's hand inched towards his pocket, trying to grab riptide. It didn't go unnoticed, because more roots encased him.

Gaea studied Annabeth, crouching down. She cut Annabeth's thighs, and tears slowly slid down her face as she stared pleadingly at Percy.

He imagined the roots disappearing, praying to Poseidon his plan worked. Thankfully, the roots started to sink into the ground. Within a minute, Percy had riptide in his hand and was charging.

Annabeth was sobbing now, a fresh cut on her arms and cheek. She felt her cold blood dripping down her body, and the burn of fresh air on her cuts. She wanted to faint, but the sound of Percy's outraged screams echoed in her ears.


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