O is for Oreo's

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It was spring break, and Percy was waiting impatiently for Annabeth at the airport. She was flying in from  Massachusetts to visit Percy in Florida.

Since they started college -six months ago- they had been talking only by iris message. Percy missed her warm embrace and soft lips. He was lonely without her, and his jackass roommate didn't make him feel any better.

"Flight 27 now unloading." A woman called over the intercom, and Percy anxiously stood up.

He joined the crowd waiting around Gate 27. People started coming out of the gate, hugging their friends and family. A flash of golden curls, and within the blink of an eye Annabeth was in his arms. They kissed, blocking the whole world out.

"I missed you!" he said, hugging her closer to him.

"I've got something for you!" she told him, using a sing-songy voice.

"What?' he grabbed her bags and led her out of the airport.

She held up a pack of Oreo's and his day got even better. "You told me how your roomate eat's all your chocolate, so I got us a pack we can eat in the car."

"I love you, so much." Percy shoved her bags into the trunk.

They sat in the car for a little bit, eating Oreo's. After about five minutes, Percy pulled out of the airport. He drove slowly to the apartment, Annabeth shoveling the chocolate cookies into his mouth the entire ride. Once they reached the apartment building parking lot, they split the last cookie in two. They quickly ate it before stepping out in the hot air.

"I can't believe we just ate thirty oreo's..." Annabeth said, grabbing her purse.

"I can." Percy led her up the stairs, stopping to say hi to someone named Dylan. They stopped on the third floor, and Percy unlocked the door to room 3A. He held the door open for her.

She walked in, only to be blocked by a buff blonde dude. His hair hung in his face, covering his shady brown eyes. He looked her over, sniffing.

"You smell like oreo's...."


It's funny that I wrote this, seeing the fact that I hate chocolate.

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