N is for Numb

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The pain was unbearable as Annabeth intercepted the poisoned dagger. The blade pierced her should, and the screams in the background started to fade away. She started to fall, but she felt Percy catch her. He was speaking, but she couldn't hear him. Her vision turned blurry as her life flashed before her eyes.

Seven years old, watching Thalia sacrifice herself. Watching Percy struggle over the camp boarder, dragging Grover behind him. Every quest she ever went on, all the camp sing alongs. Being reunited with her dad, kissing Percy under Mount St. Helen's.

Annabeth realized that she'd never told Percy how she felt. and now that she was dying, he'd never know. Mustering all her strength, Annabeth spoke coarsely.

"per-Percy, I..." she struggled to get the words out, her throat burning.

"Shh, you'll be alright." were the last words Annabeth heard before her body shut down. Images of Percy kept flashing in her mind as Annabeth remembered the last song she had heard.

I've become so numb,

I can't feel you there

I've become so tired,

So much more aware

Annabeth's mind went blank and she fell into a painful sleep.

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