V is for Valentines

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Annabeth woke to sunlight streaming through her window. She drowsily sat up and stretched, looking at her phone. It was nine in the morning, Febuary 14. Valentines day. Her dad and step mom were still away on their 'second honeymoon' and Percy had come over to help watch her brothers.

The last couple of days had been hard, and they barely got any alone time together. She looked over at the empty spot next to her where Percy had slept. The covers were messed up, and he was gone.

Annabeth stood up and walked into the hallway. Her brothers room was right across from her's, and she quietly opened the door. They were still asleep, Bobby almost falling off the top bunk. Matthew had his face burried in his pillow, half way muffling his snoring. Next, she checked the bathroom. It was all steamy, telling her Percy had probably just gotten out of the shower.

Someone fell in the guest bedroom, and Annabeth went to check it out. As she was about to open the door, a girl with spikey black hair stepped out. Her bright blue eyes stared into Annabeth's, hald shocked.

"Thalia?!" Annabeth whispered, scared to wake her brothers. The huntress nodded, hugging her.

"Percy's paying me to watch two monsters while he takes you out for Valentines day or something stupid like that." of course. Thalia was just in it for the money. Annabeth frowned, realizing something.

"I didn't get him anything!" Thalia smiled at her sheepishly.

"About that..." Thalia disappeared into her room, coming back out a couple seconds later. "I figured you wouldn't have time to go out and get him anything, so I did."

Thalia held up Call of Duty: Ghosts. Percy had been begging his mom for it, but they couldn't go get it for him.

"Where is Percy?"

"Downstairs, making breakfast. Which he planned to bring to you while you were still in bed, so go lay your butt down."

Thalia ushered Annabeth into the room, slipping the game into her drawer. Annabeth laid down, and Thalia quickly made her way out of the room.

Five minutes later, perc emerged, holding a tray of waffles, eggs, and sausages.

"Happy Valentines day!" he cheered.

This'll be the best Valentines day.... Ever.

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