U is for Umbrella's are Overrated

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"Aww man, it's raining!" Annabeth whined. Her dad needed her to walk to the store and get some hamburger buns for dinner, and her umbrella was broken.

"Annabeth, please hurry!" her dad called from the kitchen.

She stepped out of the house, bracing herself for the cold rain. She was immiediatly drenched and covered in goosebumps. As she walked down the street, her pajama's started clinging to her. Annabeth would've taken her car, but her dad never let her drive in the rain. Plus, it was in the shop getting fixed. The closet store was ten minutes away, and she wanted to die.

When she got to the store, her hair was matted and stuck to her face. The cold air in the store made her shiver, and she wished she had her jacket. She wiped her feet on the rug before stomping to the bread aisle and grabbing the buns. As she paid for them, the cashier stared at her, like she was an alien.

I wish Percy was here...Annabeth thought as she approached the doors. She missed Percy so much, and if he was here he could keep her dry.

Annabeth stepped out into the rain, which was coming down heavier than ever. She took her hair out of it's ponytail, and it fell past her shoulders. Little droplets of water fell down her arms, making her even colder.

"ANNABETH!" she turned, looking for whoever called her. a boy with startling green eyes and raven black hair was running towards her.

"Percy? What're you doing here?" the boy came o a hault in front of her. He panted, struggling to get his words out.

"I dunno. I was up at Olympus with my dad when I blacked out. i woke up here and saw you." Annabeth silently thanked Poseidon. "What are you doing out here! You'll get sick!"

"My dad needed hot dog buns, and my umbrella's broken." Percy wrapped his arm arund her.

She instantly became dry, and it felt like it was ninety degrees outside. "i'll keep you dry." Annabeth smiled as he pulled her closer to him.

They walked back to her house, not getting a single drop of rain on them. Annabeth enjoyed the walk back, with Percy by her side. Once they reached her house, they stood together on her porch.

"I have to go." Percy kissed her, and she kissed him back. "love ya!"

"Love you to" she said sadly as Percy waved, He was slowly swallowed in a blue light, probably being taken back to Olympus.

"Annabeth, is that you?" her dad called as she entered the house.

"Yeah..." she pressed her back against the door and slid down it, pressing her handon her lips.

Umbrella's.... so overrated

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