Z is for Zoo

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"Nana! Nana! Come on! Mommy's taking us to the zoo!" Little Silena cried.

"Ok, ok! I'm up!" Annabeth hushed the child. "Where's your mother?"

Tanya came in, pushing Annabeth's wheelchair. Since the accident, Annabeth had unfortunately been paralyzed from the waist down. Tanya held dress Annabeth, then put her into the wheelchair.

"Morning, Mom!" Tanya lightly kissed Annabeth's forehead.

                  #At The Zoo#

"GUYS! Guys! LOOK, IT'S A PANDA!!!!!" Silena yelled excitedly. The three were stopped in front of the panda exhibit, and panda's happened to be Silena's favorite animal (They just happen to be my favorite animal to!) .

"Calm down before you scare them sweetie." Tanya scolded, grabbing the child. "Come on, let's go look at something else."

Tanya wheeled Annabeth away, Silena climbing into her lap. Annabeth tiredly yawned. Since Percy *sniff* passed, she hadn't been sleeping very well. It was lonely at the house without him.

"Did papaw ever take you to the zoo?" Silena sweetly asked. They stopped in front of the koala's, and Annabeth smiled sadly.

"Yeah, he did." Silena jumped off her lap as Annabeth silently started to cry.

She missed Percy, and memories flooded through her mind as her eyelids started to close. She remembered the time he took her to the zoo and told her about the koala hug. As her eyes closed completely, Annabeth wished she had used the hug more. She drew a breath- her last one.

Annabeth Jackson, age eighty nine of Manhattan died July 1st in her sleep. She is preceded in death by her parents Scott (Sue) Chase, and her beloved husband Perseus 'Percy' Jackson. Annabeth willed be lived on in the memories of her three children, Tanya (Jake) Morrison, Leo (Leslie) Jackson, and Zoe Jackson. Her grandchildren Silena Morrison, Charlie and Nova Jackson. Services will be held Sunday, July 12th at 11 am at Hades funeral home. Site of burrial is at Half-Blood cemetary.


*Sniff* I'm crying right now. This was the last letter, the ending of the story. And everything ends in death. so I thought this would be an appropriate ending. *Starts to sob uncontrolably*

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