Alternative-F is for Fight

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Jason circled Percy with his sword drawn. Jason wanted to see just how good Percy was at fighting.

Percy watched as Jason circled him, daring to test his skills. Even Thalia was rooting for Percy- she already had no doubt Jason was gonna get his butt whooped.

"Show him what you can do Percy!" Nico shouted to his cousin.

"Yeah, come on Percy! Kick his butt!" Thalia yelled, ignoring the hurtful looks Jason was sending her.

Anger rushed through Jason's veins, and he charged. Percy easily deflected his blade and lashed out at Jason, leaving a cut across his cheek. Jason stumbled back in surprise, giving Percy enough time to swing again, this time cutting Jason's arm. Jason swung at Percy, even though he had no hope of even poking Percy with his sword. Once again, Percy deflected the blade, but this time it flew out of Jason's hand and landed in front of Frank, who looked terrified.

Getting frustrated, Jason shot a lightning bolt at Percy that just grazed his arm, enough to make him fall back.

"I guess you're not so powerful, are you?" Jason taunted. Percy rose and turned towards Jason, freaking him out. Percy's eyes looked like waves splashing against the sea. Percy raised his arms, creating a mini-hurricane around Jason. Jason looked terrified as the water encased around him. But before anything bad happened, like drowning, the water dropped him and he landed with a thump on the deck. Percy stared down at the boy as Jason raised his hands in defeat.

"I win." Percy said simply, and then walked off to join Thalia, Nico, and Annabeth. Looking back at Jason he said "but you put up a good fight."


So, there was the first alternate ever. There isn't another one until H, so only two more chapters until the next alternative.

                  #The Face of True Awesomeness

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