B is for Brothers

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It was a nice summer day in San Francisco. Annabeth had managed to drag Percy down there for Spring break, and today they had taken her brothers to the park.

"Hey Annabeth, can you get us some ice cream?" Bobby asked.

"Sure, what kind?"

"Cotton Candy!"


"Cookie Dough!" Guess who that came from?

"OK OK!' Annabeth huffed. As soon as she was gone, the twins turned on Percy.

"Do you love our sister?" They asked. The question took Percy by surprise, but he knew they answer.


"Would you ever hurt her?" Matthew asked.

"No, never."

"Do you believe in our sister? Do you trust her?" Bobby pressured.

"Of course! If it wasn't for Annabeth, I'd probably be dead right now." The boys nodded in agreement.

"Would you want to marry our sister?"

"Well, sure. I mean in the future. We're only seventeen...." Where was Annabeth to stop this?

"Wow, ok...." Matthew said. He was about to ask another question, but Annabeth came up behind him.

"Here." she said, handing out the ice cream.

"Wait, there's only three. Where's yours?" Bobby asked. Annabeth smiled and sat down on a bench, dragging Percy down with her.

"I have a boyfriend. I get to steal his." Percy pouted as Annabeth grabbed it out of his hand.

"Aw..." he said.

"Oh, I'll share..." Bobby and Matthew started fake gagging as the couple share the ice cream.

                  ~later on~

Percy and Annabeth sat on her bed watching a movie.

"So, what'd you do while I was getting ice cream?" she asked.

"well, your brothers interrogated me."

"about what?" she was looking at him now.

"about how much I love you." Annabeth shook her head and laughed.


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