W is for what does The Fox Say

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The seven, plus Nico, were sitting on the Argo II when percy turned on the radio. The first song that comes on happened to be 'What Does The Fox Say', and Annabeth groaned. She hated the song.

"Ugh, this song is so annoying." Annabeth rubbed her face. "I hear it everyday and I can't take it!"

Piper was first to respond. "I know! I can't stand it either!" Now everyone was stating what they thought of the song, each of them hating it.

"I don't see how it's so popular. They banned it at Camp Jupiter." Jason added. "Because of Hazel."

She blushed. "Ok! It might've come on and I might've sliced the radio in half." They laughed at her.

"They only one at camp who likes it was Octivian." Frank mummbled, reminding them of the insane teddy-bear slayer.

"Percy, what do you thi-"

She stops, turning to look behind her. In the back of the room, Percy, Leo, and Nico were dancing along to the song. Hazel sighed and shut off the radio. They stopped danccing, looking slightly embarassed. They stood there for a moment, before Leo yelled very loudly and they went back to dancing.



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