Alternate: J is for Jealous (different from previous)

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Annabeth was cuddling with Percy on a couch, watching some silly show about beavers.

"Remember that one time we took my brothers to the zoo and we were allowed to help feed the beavers?" she asked, and Percy chuckled.

"That was so fun! Your brothers looked scared out of their minds!" Percy said, making Annabeth giggle.

"When we got home, Bobby washed his hands at least fifty times!"

They quieted down, and Annabeth sighed. She loved laying in Percy's lap.


Piper watched the couple, a little bit jealous. Sure, Annabeth was her best friend and deserved to be happy, but that didn't stop her from feeling a twinge of jealousy. Jason never held her like that.

Jason was a good boyfriend and all, but he had been a little distant lately. Piper believed he was thinking of Reyna and Camp Jupiter. As much as she hated the thought, she knew it was true. He talked about Reyna so much, every time she heard her name Piper's stomach twisted a little.

She looked back over at Percy and Annabeth. She was now asleep in Percy's arms, and she looked so peaceful. Percy was so preoccupied with Annabeth's hair that he hadn't noticed Piper staring.

Yeah, you could say Piper was a little jealous.


Sorry this was so short you guys, but I needed something percabeth for J. Maybe I will do something like this for C...

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