Y is for Yo-yo

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Percy was bored. His mom and Paul were out, and Annabeth had done nothing but be lazy all day. She was currently laying on the couch, reading a book she started this morning -now she's almost done with it. Percy wanted to do something, but it had been raining all day so it was to wet to go outside.

"Annabeth?" She didn't look at him.


"Can't we do something?" Annabeth sighed and looked down at him.

"Why can't you find anything to do?" she asked, exasperated.

"But there isn't anything to do!"he whined. Percy made his best puppy dog face and stared at her.

"Yeah there is. Just, go clean your room. That's something to do. Just leave me alone, Seaweed Brain."

Percy gave up and stood up. He walked to his room and looked around. It was a mess, with dirty clothes laying around and one of his skateboards was at the foot of his bed. He bent down, picking up a pile of clothes. He threw it in the hamper and picked up another load. Under a pair of shorts was a small blue yo-yo. Percy picked it up and began to play with it.


Annabeth looked up from her book. Percy had gone off into his room and was (surprisingly) being quiet. She set her book down and got up, tip toeing to his room. Opening the door, she looked inside. Percy was sitting on his bed, concentrating on a blue yo-yo.

Man, he looks so.... Wait... Annabeth thought.

"Hey!" She shouted. "That's my yo-yo!"

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