R is for Running

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Everyone knew what Annabeth was running from. Maybe she didn't know it herself, but they all did.

It was evident the first day he showed up. A light had shone in Annabeth's eyes as he stumbled over the boarder, Grover slung over his shoulder. The way she stared at him while she nursed him back to health, everyone knew that Annabeth had fallen. Fallen in love with none other that Percy Jackson.

She denied it, and when they went on their quest Annabeth tried to ignore her feelings. But that didn't work. The things he said, things he did, Annabeth couldn't handle it. And when he pulled her onto that abandoned love ride, she swore her heart did jumping jacks.

When she had been captured, Annabeth was scared she'd never see him again. While she held up the sky, the only thing keeping her alive was him. She was shocked when he came to save her, thinking that maybe, just maybe he had feelings for her too.

But when Rachel came along, everything went downhill. Annabeth became jealous and cross, snapping easily. Percy didn't know what was wrong with her, making her even more irritated at him then at Rachel.  Under Mount Saint Helen's, she had kissed him. He was about to go kill himself to save her, so he should at least know how she felt.

When he showed up at his funeral, Annabeth never felt happier. As much as she wanted to run into his arms, she restrained herself, and went back to acting irritated at the world.

Now, after the meeting on Olympus, Annabeth knew why Percy had turned down immortality. And now, Annabeth knew what she had to do. He turned down becoming a god for her, so she'd stop running for him.

"Happy Birthday!" the cupcake nearly slid out of her hand as she went to sit next to Percy. He smiled at her, and Annabeth never felt so sure in her life.

Yeah, it was definatly time to stop running.


I know, this one sucked. And if you didn't like it, please don't comment. If you have any tips to make it better, please leave them. This isn't one of my favorites.

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