G is for Grandma

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Annabeth and Percy walked through the mall, looking for the baby store. Annabeth was due in a two months, and they still need a few things. Annabeth's feet hurt, and the extra weight wasn't making them feel any better. It wasn't helping her balance either....

But as much as she wanted to sit down and rest her feet, she was captivated by the cutest sight ever.It was a little boy, about two years old, clinging to an old mans pant leg. The boy seemed to be looking at her, and it sorta reminded her of her dad in his baby pictures.

"Gwandpa! Gwandpa! That pwetty lady looks like mommy!" the boy said, pointing to Annabeth. The old man looked up at her, and she smiled. He looked like her great-grandpa. Even if Annabeth never actually met him, she had seen the old pictures. The man had the same glasses and crooked smile.

The little boy ran over to her and grabbed Annabeth's hand.

"Your very pwetty" He said, and Annabeth blushed. Percy and the boys grandpa chuckled.

"Thank you!" Annabeth said.

"Are you gonna have a wittle baby?" he asked sweetly.

"I am. I'm going to have a boy and a girl." she replied, and the boy smiled at his grandpa.

"My mommy's gonna have a wittle boy. She says he's gonna be named Henwy." he said, bobbing his head up and down.

Hey! I have an Uncle named Henry...." Annabeth thought.

"Speaking of your mommy little man, we have to go. She'll get worried if we're late." The old mans said. The little boy hugged Annabeth's leg before reattaching himself to his grandpa's pant leg. Annabeth stared after the little boy, flabbergasted.

"Annabeth?" Percy said, and she turned to look at him. He pointed in the direction the boy and his grandpa had went.

Annabeth could still see the little boy, but now he was running into the arms of a blonde woman. She picked him up, and despite her bulging stomach (not to call her fat or anything...) swung the little boy around in the air.

"Mommy! Mommy! I met a pwetty lady!" he said, making the woman laugh.

"That's so cute..." Annabeth cooed.

"Not that -even though your right- That!" Percy said, turning her head. He had been trying to point out the baby store.


                                          #one hour later

They left the mall, bags full of pacifiers and onezies in hand. As they were loading the trunk of their Honda Accord, Annabeth recognized a faint voice.

" Mommy! Gwandpa! Mommy! Gwandpa! It's the pwetty lady!" Annabeth turned her head to see the little boy, trying to run out of their grasp.

The woman looked up at Annabeth, and her vision tunneled. She had seen that face before, in the old family photos. The hair, the vacant stare, even the birthmark  looked perfect. The lady looked just like, like,....... like Annabeth's grandma.


So, did you guys like that cliffhanger? And to those who commented earlier: i though it'd be best to just take down the comment battle thingy. Part two should be released in late march, thanks :)

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