H is for Happily Ever After

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Percy and Annabeth walked along the beach, hands enter twined between them. Now twenty three, and still madly in love. As they walked, they talked about all the 'good times' at camp since they first met, twenty years ago. Everything was peaceful on the beach, but Annabeth had noticed that Percy seemed nervous and kept fiddling with something in his pocket. Suddenly, Annabeth felt very worried and  nervous.

"Percy, is there something wrong?" she asked.

"Annabeth, you know I love you, don't you?" he stuttered, and Annabeth could barely make out his words.

"Yeah......"she muttered, more nervous and worried.

"Then can I ask you something?" Annabeth nodded anxiously, and Percy sighed.

He got down on one knee and pulled a dark blue velvet box out of his pocket. Annabeth gasped as he opened it, revealing a silver ring. There were diamond shards, and in the center sat a ruby, her birth stone.

"Annabeth, will you marry me?" he asked.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Annbeth screamed as he stood up and slipped the ring on her finger. She studied the ring closer, and she saw the words Annabeth+Percy engraved in greek.

"It's absolutely beautiful! I love you!" she said, kissing Percy.

"Finally!" they heard people scream, and they tore apart.

They looked behind them, only to see the whole camp running towards them. The crowd lifted them onto their shoulders and started running towards the docks.

"What's going on?!" Percy screamed/asked.

"We have to carry on traditions, don't we?" Clarisse said as they were thrown into the cold lake water.

Everyone just started jumping into the lake, and they remembered when they had first thrown them into the lake, seven years ago.

And even the cruelest gods had to admit, they deserved their happily ever after.

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