24 | save the day

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"I'm worried about him," I mumbled into my pillow.

From beside me, Octavia rubbed my back as I laid down on my bed. "What happened to 'He's Bellamy fucking Blake and he can kick your ass!'?"

"It's just been a while. He should've been in contact by now. He's Bellamy fucking Blake, all right, but I'm starting to think he's the one getting his ass kicked."

"Raven's been by the radio since we left," she began, turning to the entrance of the tent. "He's going to be fine, Ryder. Bellamy's probably the one of us who can take care of himself the best."

She squeezed my hand as I faced her, slightly groaning. "I know. I just can't help but worry about every single thing that could go wrong."

Octavia sighed before standing up and clapping her hands. "Okay, that's it. Come on," she ushered me out of bed and out of my tent. "You need a distraction."

"Trust me, O – I've had enough of a distraction for now."

The distraction I was talking about was, of course, the Mountain Men we'd found on our way home. Indra killed one that shot at a Grounder but Octavia managed to get a scratch on the other's hazmat suit, rendering him useless to the radiation in the air, burning his skin.

As of now, Abby and Jackson were taking care of him and the wounded Grounder in the medical tent. As we walked past them, the commotion inside could be heard clearly.

"Don't you want to see them?"

I shook my head, my curiosity settling down. "No," I answered. "At least not now."

Octavia's brows furrowed as she looked down at me, crossing her arms and tilting her head to the side. "What brought about your sudden pessimism?"

I gave her a look. "You know what brought this about."


I nodded my head. "I just can't help it, O. What happened to Finn was terrible and I couldn't even imagine being in Raven or Clarke's shoes. What if something happens to him?"

She paused a moment, glancing outside the tent. "Come on, Rough Ryder. I know how we can sort of cheer you up." She pulled my hand, leading me to Engineering, where the everyone's favorite engineer sat by the radio, listening to white noise. "Any word from Bellamy?" Octavia asked her.

Raven shook her head, offering me an apologetic smile. "Not yet. Would you guys mind taking my place? I'm going to go check on our new friend."

We shook our heads, taking seats on stools as the radio sat on the table, emitting white noise. "Do you know any stories, O?" I randomly asked when the silence filling the room became too much.

"My mom used to tell myths to Bell and I when we were kids." As my eyes drifted away, she tried again. "What about the one with the prince who went off to save his kingdom and the princess worried and worried until he came back, safe and sound, and they lived happily ever after?"

A smile broke out on my face as she said that. I pulled her into a hug, squishing her cheek against mine. "I love you, O," I mumbled, pressing a loving kiss to her cheek.

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