02 | a bad idea

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There was a sharp burn in my legs; I felt like I couldn't run any longer. My survival instincts kicked in though, and I seemed to be running like the wind. I followed Monty through the woods, the others behind me, but slowed down when he tripped. "Monty, come on," I yelped, helping him up again. He fell right in front of a skeleton, or part of a skeleton. "Who is it?"

Clarke walked in front of us, grabbing hold of the skull, which seemed to be non-human. "What is it?" she corrected as Octavia mumbled out something about how screwed we were.

It was quiet for a second until we heard a distant scream, Jasper's scream. "Jasper, he's alive!" I muttered, running towards the yell. Everyone followed suit, Finn tried to stop me, telling me to stay out of the trees.

"He was right there," I mumbled when we reached the clearing but there was no sight of Jasper or the spear pinning him against the tree. "Where did he go?"

As Clarke answered, I looked over at Monty, seeing his shaky hands. I grabbed one in my own, squeezing tightly. "They took him."

We ran back to camp, faster than the time it'd taken us to get to the clearing, faster than we'd ever ran before. By the time we reached there, everyone was in a circle, chanting "Fight" at the two they surrounded, Wells and Murphy.

From my angle, it seemed to be that Wells was winning, since he had Murphy in a body-lock and was currently holding a blade to his neck. I was actually kind of enjoying the fight – it took my mind off of our current situation. "Wells, Let him go!" Clark yelled, ruining my distraction.

She made her way down to the center of the circle. Octavia and I were a little slower, considering I was helping her walk due to her scratched thigh.

Wells did as told, until Murphy went for him again, this time being stopped by Bellamy. He then noticed the limp in his sister's step and made his way over to her.

"Octavia, are you alright?" She nodded. "I told you to take care of her," he harshly whispered to me as he helped her down, relieving me of my duty.

For some reason, it really irritated me. Little did he know that I tried my best, that I saved her from getting swallowed whole by some sea-monster. I didn't bother telling him; it's not like it would've made him change his attitude towards me. "I tried! She's a big girl, she can take care of herself; she's not my responsibility."

He mumbled something about how I was right. "My sister, my responsibility," he muttered, turning back to Clarke. "What the hell happened out there?"

"We were attacked," she answered, a little out of breath. It was acceptable, considering the rest of us were in the same state.

Her response caused whispers to erupt throughout the rest of The 100. "Attacked? By what?" Wells asked.

Finn sat down on a log, patting the spot next to him for me. I joined him, letting him take the question. "Not what; who. Turns out, when the last man from the ground died on the Ark, he wasn't the last Grounder."

Clarke nodded. "It's true. Everything we thought we knew about the ground is wrong. There are people here, survivors. The good news is, that means we can survive. Radiation won't kill us."

"The bad new is, the Grounders will," Finn added in.

When Wells asked where the "kid with the goggles" was, my eyes moved to the floor, realizing just how much trouble Jasper could be in. It brought me back to reality, back to the situation at hand. He could be killed, for all we know, and we need to be doing everything to get him back, not standing around, playing fight club or having sex (in Bellamy's case – I'd seen too many girls walk into the dropship with him and come out with tangled hair and a wild look in their eyes).

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