07 | the perfect storm

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The storm was unimaginably destructive. Everyone had gathered in the dropship, save Bellamy and a few of his militia. I was pacing the floor, eyes glued to the tarp at the front of the dropship, meant to keep the rain away. The delinquents holding the tarp down weren't doing such a great job, considering water was pooling in, hitting me in splatters.

My eyes moved to Clarke, who stood in front of the tarp. My ears focused on Raven, who had somehow gotten the radio to work and was currently trying to contact the Ark. "Calling Ark Station. Ark Station. Please come in. I'm on the ground with The Hundred." She lowered her voice to a whisper as she pleaded, "We need you."

Clarke moved towards Finn, grimacing as she tended to his wound. Finn was lying on a makeshift bed, and from what I could see, he was very pale. As she did so, the rest of us gathered around Raven as she tried to contact the Ark. There was some static until someone actually answered from the other side.

I placed my hand on her shoulder, squeezing tightly. She'd done it.

The male voice on the radio spoke. "This is a restricted station. Who is this? Please identify yourself."

As everyone rushed closer to Raven, she replied. "This is Raven Reyes. I'm from Mecha Station. I'm transmitting from the ground. The Hundred are alive. Please, you need to get Doctor Abby Griffin. Doctor Abby Griffin. Now."

The voice on the other end told her they were trying to boost her signal. Then, after a second or two, Abby Griffin was suddenly on the radio. "Raven? Are you there?"

"Mom?" Clarke took hold of the radio. "Mom, it's me."

There was a pregnant pause, probably Clarke's mom trying to take it all in. "Clarke?"

"Mom, I need your help. One of our people was stabbed by a Grounder."

A second voice was heard. I'd know that voice anywhere. It was the Chancellor. "Clarke. Are you saying there are survivors on the ground?"

She nodded her head, replying, "Yes, the Earth is survivable. We're not alone." Her head snapped over to Finn. "Mom, he's dying. The knife is still in his chest."

As Abby tried to contact Medical, the Chancellor asked the inevitable question. "Clarke, is my son with you?"

Clarke paused her pacing, looking up sadly before speaking into the radio. "I'm so sorry," she apologized to Jaha, "Wells is—Wells is dead."

Her mother was on the line then, telling Clarke that she would walk her through it, step by step. The shelter began creaking and the wind howled. As Abby tried to start the instructions of the procedure, the connection cut off, resulting in the unintelligible speech that came through the radio.

"It's the storm," I mentioned to Raven and Clarke. Octavia walked inside the dropship then, carrying two canisters. Clarke took one, turning towards the girl and smelling the contents. "Ugh. Monty's moonshine?"

She shrugged. "Pretty sure no germ could survive it." After saying so, the storm seemed to grow, growling, causing the rest of us inside the dropship to start panicking. I subconsciously stepped closer to Octavia, linking my arm with hers and letting her lean her head on my shoulder.

Clarke looked towards the door of the dropship, stating, "Storm's getting worse. Monroe, close the doors."

"But we still have people out there," Monroe fought.

"Monty and Jasper aren't back yet," Octavia added, "Neither is Bellamy."

I spoke up, voicing my concern. "Clarke, I can't let you do that until Bellamy and the others get back. Our friends are out there, we can't just abandon them."

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