31 | farm station survivors

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"It's been three hours," Bellamy informed the group. "What are they waiting for?"

The sun had now come up yet there was still no movement around the rover, none that any of them could see anyway. Ryder held down a yawn; it had been nearly twenty-four hours since she'd slept.

"I say we make a run for it," she suggested, allowing the yawn to pass through her as she covered her mouth.

"That's what they want us to do," Kane inputted, placing himself into the shoes of these unidentified enemies.

"They can wait longer than we can," Ryder retorted, growing impatient as a result of the many, many hours she'd waited in the rover.

Kane waited a few moments before sighing, a prominent sign of giving in. "Okay, Bellamy. You get in the turret and you cover us--"

"Woah, woah, woah... No way. I'm not letting Bellamy cover four of us by himself. It's suicide."

"--Once we get to that ridge over there, we'll cover you," Kane finished up, ignoring the young brunette's protest.

"Copy that," Bellamy replied. "Run fast."

"Am I invisible or something?" Ryder snapped. "Seriously, I'm not letting you do this alone."

"You have to." Without another word, he opened the roof hatch, peaking his upper body out of it. For a few moments, it was silent. And then Bellamy very calmly stated, "They're here."

Ryder's head snapped up, eyes glued to Bellamy's form. Her gun shifted to the free space between Bellamy's waist and the ring of the turret entrance.

"Everybody out or the boy dies," an unfamiliar voice bellowed. As soon as he spoke, he pulled Bellamy out of the rover, causing chaos to erupt inside the rover. "Okay! Okay, we're coming out," Kane insisted. "Don't hurt him."

Kane opened the rover door, immediately being pulled outside, rather aggressively. Everyone else inside the rover followed suit, each getting "manhandled" by the enemy, as Ryder so elaborately mentioned. All five of them ended up on the floor, with hostiles keeping them in place.

One held Monty up as the device beeped; they took the device from him as he fought against them. "It's mine!"

"Monty, stop. Just let it go!" Bellamy hollered over to his friend.

"Monty?" one of the unidentifiables questioned.

Everyone's head turned to her, as Monty could be heard saying, "Mom?"

She took her mask off, revealing herself to be Mrs. Green, Monty's mother. Herself and Monty embraced for a short time, warming Ryder's heart. Once the orders to stand down were given moments later, the pressure on Ryder's back lightened until it became non-existent. She was able to stand up, with Bellamy's helping hand, before she dusted herself off. Looking around, she now recognized many of the survivors of Farm Station.

Alongside Monty's mother stood Charles Pike, an Earth Skills teacher on the Ark. When the 100 were back on the Ark all that time ago, Ryder never did enjoy her classes. Earth Skills was her least favorite and she made sure Pike acknowledged that fact.

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