06 | story time

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"Have you seen Octavia?" was the first thing out of Bellamy's mouth when he entered my tent to find me pulling on some cargo pants.

I groaned. "Sure, come on in when I'm not wearing pants. That's not an invasion of privacy or anything," I sarcastically remarked.

He rolled his eyes, torch in hand. "Have you seen her?" he repeated.

I furrowed my brows, never having seen the older Blake this disoriented. "No, why?"

"I can't find her anywhere. You sure you haven't seen her? You two are attached to the hip," he observed.

I nodded my head, typing up my boots. "Come on, I'll help you look for her."

He nodded his head, walking in front of me to Clarke's open tent. The blonde sat there, hands clasped together tightly, staring at the ground. Bellamy looked back at me, allowing me to approach her first.

"Hey, you still up?" It was pretty late.

She nodded her head, getting out of her tent and standing in front of Bellamy and I. "Yeah. Knowing that hundreds of people might be dying on the Ark makes it pretty hard to sleep," she took a jab at Bellamy.

"Raven's flares will work," he snapped.

She frowned. "Her radio would've worked better."

"Stop," I tried. "There's nothing more we can do. Now, have you seen Octavia?"

"No. It's Octavia; she's probably chasing butterflies."

"Clarke, I've checked the camp. She's not here."

Clarke looked worried now. "Okay, I'll help you find her. Let's check again. You two go to the dropship. I'll check the rest of the tents."

I nodded, pulling Bellamy along. Before we left, he muttered out a "thank you" to Clarke. She nodded her head sharply. "Don't thank me. I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing it for Octavia."

After looking in and around the dropship multiple times, we returned to the center of camp with two bags of weapons. "Alright, everybody, gather around and grab a weapon," I called out, looking around to see the other delinquents already nearby.

As they all became equipped, Bellamy continued. "My sister's been out there alone for 12 hours. Arm up. We're not coming back without her."

When I saw Jasper going for a cleaver, I stopped him. He looked a lot better than he had when he was sick. The only real evidence of it was the bruise under his right eye. "Hey, J-Man, you don't have to do this. You haven't left camp since we brought you back."

"Ryder, I need to do this."

I sighed, nodding my head and letting him go on. Bellamy turned to me. "We need all the people we can get. We need a tracker. Finn!" he yelled out Spacewalker's name. "Get out here."

After arming up, I looked back at Finn's tent, yelling out, "Spacewalker. With or without you, we are leaving."

"All right," he yelled back, "I'm coming."

Before getting going, the others started looking up at the sky. "Wow. Guys! Come here. Did you see that? Look up there. It's so beautiful."

I looked up at the sky, seeing lights upon lights gleaming across the sky. My heart stopped beating for a moment, knowing what they meant.

"They didn't work. They didn't see the flares," Raven spoke from behind me.

Bellamy glanced back at her. "A meteor shower tells you that?"

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