26 | war to the mountain

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A gun shot rang out.

Then another.

Than another.

Even through the ringing in my ears, I could hear the continuation of the shots.

But where was it coming from?

"The spotter," Clarke answered for me.

My head snapped to the side, where she stood, mouth agape and eyes wide. "Who?"

"Mount Weather. They sent a spotter to give them the location of the village once Lexa and I were both there."

I let out a huff, crossing my arms over my chest. "And you never warned our people." It wasn't a question or an accusation. I wasn't trying to make one of my only friends an enemy but it seemed as though she was making herself the enemy right before my eyes.

"I did it to protect Bellamy, Ryder," she excused. "You know, your boyfriend who's out there, risking his life to save our friends. If I told everyone, Mount Weather would know we've got a spy inside their walls."

I sighed, uncrossing my arms and letting down my defenses. Of course I understood her reasoning but it didn't justify her actions. "At what cost, Clarke? You risked the lives of half of our people."

"To save our friends!" She wasn't even hearing me. "Look. The spotter aimed the missile. He's alone," she sputtered out, head snapping from side to side to try and spot the man.

Lexa grabbed hold of her arm, pulling her back. "Clarke, just slow down. If he's a spotter, he's here to make sure we're dead. If he tells the Mountain we're alive—"

"He won't," I growled, grasping my dagger from the side of my pant leg. "Because I'm going to kill him."

Clarke shook her head. "We're going to kill him," she corrected. I nodded my head, gaze hardened, and allowed her to lead the way.

The gunshots continued, shot after shot ringing through the air. We walked for a long time searching for the spotter, searching for vengeance for our friends. "Do you think they're all safe?" I whispered, over the sound of leaves crunching under our feet.

Clarke locked eyes with me, concern clear on her face. "I sure hope so, Ryder," she replied honestly. It might not have been inspiring or given me hope, but it was truthful and I mentally thanked her for that. We continued walking for a while until the blonde spoke up again. "Do you remember one of our first nights on the ground? When Miller and Fox created that puppet shadow show for the rest of us?"

I nodded my head, my smile widening at the memory. It must've been our third or fourth night on the ground. Everyone was incredibly tense from the recent discovery that we weren't the only ones down here. In order to ease the anxiety, Miller and Fox led everyone to the dropship, having Harper and Sterling hold the flashlights as they recreated a puppet show.

I remembered how it made everyone laugh, though it couldn't have been longer than ten minutes. It erased the attitude around the camp. It erased the attitude that Bellamy and I gave each other. We caught each other's eye a few times during the show before he nonchalantly stood up and came to sit back down beside me. It might've been the first sign of friendship between us, when everything was easier, when there was no worry of the Mountain Men and the Ark hadn't landed and no one had died.

Now, life seemed to be a tangled web. Everything was complicated; there were too many obstacles throwing themselves at us.

"I remember," I told her. "That was probably the best night we've had."

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