22 | an alliance forms

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The first thing Clarke did when she walked out of Lexa's tent nearly an hour later was make a bee-line for Raven, who was kneeling beside Finn's deceased body. She glanced to the corner, where Bellamy and I stood, wrapped up in each other, before cautiously making her way to Raven.

The brunette defensively yelled at Clarke, whom she saw as the cause of the knife wound on Finn's chest. After their debacle, the blonde turned to us, walking over and crossing her arms.

"Clarke, it's okay." I think that was what she needed to hear then, considering her first response was to hold back a choked sob and pull me into a hug.

I rubbed her back as she pulled herself together, wiping away the remnants of any tears before glancing between Bellamy and I. "We're taking him back to the village where the massacre took place. There's a death ritual. It's the only way to get our people out of Mount Weather."

Bellamy nodded understandingly for the both of us and within minutes, we were in his tent, preparing ourselves for the long trip ahead.

As I pulled my top off and exchanged it for a cleaner one, Bellamy took a seat on the makeshift bed, holding his head in his hands. "He's gone," I heard him whisper.

As soon as I pulled a jacket over my new shirt, I walked over, crouching down in front of Bellamy and placing my hands on his knees. "Bell." He looked at me, allowing me to wrap my arms around his neck and pull him into a comforting embrace.

Throughout the expedition to the village, one of my hands kept a tight hold on Bellamy's as my other held a gun. We didn't talk – it was just easier that way – but we did manage to ensure one another it was going to be okay and simultaneously, exchange worrisome looks.

We caught up to Clarke easily, seeing as she slowed down drastically, staring at a blank space among the trees.

"Hey, you doing alright?" I asked her as we closed the distance.

She shook her head of the thoughts, turning to us. "Yeah."

"You did the right thing."

"Now I get to live with it," she retorted, turning to Bellamy. "You still think this truce is a bad idea, don't you?"

He shook his head, switching his mourning demeanor to a professional one. "I think we're wasting time with politics while our friends are in trouble."

She gave him a look, eyebrows raised. "We need their army to get to Mount Weather, Bellamy," she reminded, "and you know it."

Bellamy snorted from beside me, gaining an odd double-take from both Clarke and I. "Their army has been getting their ass kicked by Mount Weather forever."

I looked between the two of them. "And what do you suggest, handsome? Do this ourselves? Put someone's life at risk? Get an inside man?" One look at his face and I was shaking my head, jaw dropping. "No, no, no. Bell, are you crazy?"

"Forget it," Clarke agreed. "It's too dangerous."

"If you two can make it out, I can make it in."

The blonde growled at him. "I said no."

He scoffed. "Well, since I don't take orders from you, I'm gonna need a better reason."

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