16 | an unlikely alliance

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"Ryder, I need your help," Clarke whispered as she passed by me, grabbing my hand and leading me towards the medical chambers.

My eyebrows furrowed as I looked over Clarke. "What's going on?" She remained silent, leading me through the medical room into another room, via vents. The room itself left me speechless.

"Oh, crap."

They were people in cages, some strung up by chords and wires and IVs. They were being drained of their blood. "Come on," Clarke urged, snapping me out of my initial shock stage. I followed her as she kneeled down by one cage, where inside laid a familiar face.

"Anya?" The fear rushed through my veins as she looked up at me, leading me to glance around at the other Grounders in cages. I looked up at Clarke, wondering what the hell was going on.

"We're going to get you out of here," the blonde promised the Grounder, looking around for anything to break the lock. Once she did, using a hollow pole, she started to pull Anya out of the cage. That is, until a click sounded by the door, indicating that someone was coming. My eyes met Clarke's, quickly pushing her and Anya back into the cage before getting in myself and shutting the door.

Dr. Tsing was the one who entered, making her way over to a small shelf full of blood bags. As she took a few out, some of those in cages started clanking against them, drawing her attention. She made her way over, slowly passing by the cages.

My eyes moved to the broken lock on the floor in front of Anya's cage and my breathing hitched, fearful that she may see it. The groaning Grounders thankfully distracted her, forcing Dr. Tsing to make a quick exit. As the door closed behind her, I pushed my way out of the cage, quickly helping Clarke and Anya out.

"Okay, we've got to go. Now," Clarke informed, aiding me in carrying a weak Anya. We made our way inside a small room, watching as the door creaked closed behind us and an alarm started to blare.

Clarke walked over to the iron door, trying to pry it open, as Anya spoke from beside me. "What is that?"

"I don't know," I truthfully answered just before the floor fell open underneath us, allowing gravity to let us fall until we landed in a large train cart.

My eyes adjusted to the darkness before I looked at what the three of us had landed on – a pile of unconscious and, most likely dead, bodies. My breathing became heavy as my vision went hazy. "Oh, my God. Oh, my God," I kept repeating as I shakily made my way out of the cart.

"Anya, take my hand!" Clarke ordered as the Grounder leader looked down at the many bodies. She grabbed onto Clarke, letting her pull her out of the cart. As I landed on my bare feet, the rubble of the ground sent shocks of pain through my body. I winced slightly, looking around at out setting. "We're out," Clarke sighed, eyeing a pile of clothes.

She walked over to them as Anya stood, still in surprise, by the cart. "Hey, come on. Get dressed. We can't cover any ground like this," I told her as Clarke and I shuffled through some clothes.

"I won't leave my people behind," Anya stubbornly stated.

My brows lowered. "Anya, listen to me. Our people are still inside that place, too, but they have guards. They have weapons. Once we get out of here, we can find help. We can come back."

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