05 | more than just cute

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It was nighttime and I had nothing better to do. I was laying on the ground near the campfire, Jasper laying on one side of me and Monty on the other. "Do you think they'll ever come down?"

"Honestly, I don't really care. All the people I care about are down here," Monty replied as we stared at the gigantic star in the sky. "Except maybe my mom."

I turned to look at him. "What about Willa?" I asked. Willa had been Monty's girlfriend on the Ark. She was in Go-Sci Station, the one responsible for all governmental and scientific needs of the Ark. Willa's parents, also in Go-Sci, helped to create artificial gravity on the Ark using centripetal force.

Monty shook his head. "She cheated so she can go screw herself on that damn Death Star," he cursed.

"What about Dylan?" Jasper asked, turning to me. Dylan was the kid I was sort of seeing on and off. It wasn't official yet and I figured it would never get to be. He had these mesmerizing brown eyes and dimples and dark hair that I died over. He was hilarious – that's what attracted me to him, but it was also what attracted every other girl to him.

The fact that he was a charmer didn't help our sort-of relationship. It was harmless – I don't even think he realized he was doing it – but sometimes he'd hand another girl a flower or flirt with her and that's what made me hesitant about him. Sure, he was great at possibly everything and he made me really happy, but he wasn't the one. I think I always knew that somehow. "Screw Dylan," I decided.

"What about Bellamy?" Jasper intercepted.

I turned to look over at him. "What about Bellamy?"

He shrugged. "Just seemed like you guys were hitting it off."

"Not really," I replied. "He's got a lot on his plate." As the leader, Bellamy was always distracted by problems around camp. I don't think we could've had a stable relationship, even if we decided to go for it. "It's not a big deal."

It was.

But I ignored it for the time being. My eyes followed quite a large star that shot across the sky. As it moved, it gained speed, firing up a little, causing me to believe it wasn't just a star. Maybe it was from the Ark.

I sat up, pointing it out to Jasper and Monty before trying to find our leader. "Hey, have you seen Bellamy?" I asked Harper as she sat by the fire.

She nodded, pointing to his tent. "He's in there, but Ryder—"

I smiled, thanking her and quickly making my way over before she could finish her sentence. I really hoped she had because as soon as I walked in, calling Bellamy's name in a rush, my eyes landed on his bed and my smile faltered. There he was, in all his shirtless glory, laying on his bed with his arm around two girls who wore nothing but their undergarments.


He seemed to be exactly like Dylan. Actually, I take it back – Bellamy's worse. At least Dylan was blind to his flirting. Bellamy knew I had feelings for him and there he is, having a threesome. If one wasn't good enough, our relationship, which consisted of much less than sex, definitely wouldn't be.

He looked up, speechless. Before he could even begin to explain himself – I wasn't even sure he could do that – Fox called out, "Ryder, Bellamy, get out here."

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