10 | destroyer of worlds

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Clarke seemed to have a knack for ruining my happy place. Just as I was in my deep dreaming state, she came rummaging into Bellamy's tent, voicing her thoughts on how we needed to go to the Exodus ship crash site.

"Clarke!" I groaned as I switched my sleeping position from my stomach to my side, facing Bellamy and the front of the tent where Clarke stood. "Go away." I pulled the blanket over our heads, pulling us away from the world we were forced to live in, at least for the time being.

My arm landed atop Bellamy's bare chest and as it did, I made the inconspicuous decision to leave it as so. But then the blanket was being snatched away from my body, forcing the heat to quickly disappear, leaving me in shivers. "Clarke Griffin, I'm going to kill you," I growled, finally fully opening my eyes and glaring at the blonde who stood beside the bed.

"Come on," she urged on, "I need you guys."

"Give us five minutes," Bellamy insisted, forcing Clarke to leave the tent. At the moment he spoke up, his gruff morning voice became the reason for my existence. It was low and rough and even though it was tight because he was annoyed at Clarke's wake-up call, it was the greatest thing I'd ever heard. It was like music to my ears and it genuinely made my breathing hitch in surprise.

When Clarke walked out, he turned back to me, maintaining eye-contact as he cupped my cheek. "Hi," I blushed, noticing the small smile that it brought onto his face.

"Hey," he responded. I swear to God, I could lie in this bed forever and just listen to Bellamy talk in his hoarse morning voice. I was in love with it.

It turned into one of those quiet, appreciative moments. He wordlessly wrapped his arms around my body, pulling me close. Our limbs became tangled. Our breathing synced up. He stared down at me, and I up at him, and gently pressed his lips to mine, letting his eyes flutter shut. I mimicked his actions, raising my arms to wrap around his neck, pulling him closer to me. His hands glided against the skin under my top, leaving goosebumps wherever they traveled.

When we pulled apart, his nose rubbed against mine, making me scrunch it up in playfulness. "Do we have to leave this bed?" I asked sotto voce.

He nodded, pulling his hands back to his sides and sighing loudly. I followed suit, eventually sitting up and putting my boots and jacket back on.

By the time we had made it to the crash site, the burnt smell in the area was prominent. Bellamy, along with a few of his militia, held guns and seemed to be patrolling the site as Clarke ventured off on her own and Raven and Finn stuck together. I stayed beside Bellamy as we explored the devastating, fragmented Exodus ship.

As we walked, I saw many burnt skeletons lying around, limbs detached from bodies - too many to count. It was a rough scene to be introduced to. I stepped closer to Bellamy, seemingly uneasy around all of these cadavers. He kept an eye on me as we looked through the wreckage, searching for any parts of the ship that could be salvaged.

"Stay sharp," Bellamy ordered the militia, "Grounder retaliation for what happened on the bridge is coming, just a matter of when."

Finn turned back to him after picking up a fallen piece of the catastrophic ship. "Can you blame them?" he asked.

Bellamy was quick to respond. "No. I blame you."

"Maybe it you didn't bring guns--"

"If we didn't bring guns, we all would've been killed," Raven retorted, rolling her eyes at Finn.

I looked between the three of them, and then to Clarke, who didn't seem to be paying nay attention to the conversation. For her sake, I tried to put an end to the argument. "We can stop playing the blame game now. Why they're coming doesn't matter anymore. It's our job to be ready when they do." I glanced around at the corpses. "We're on our own now."

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