21 | jus drein jus daun

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By the time we'd made it back to camp, accompanied by two Grounders on horseback, the fog became heavy, filling up every inch of our surroundings. Were it not for the torch the Grounders held, we wouldn't have been able to navigate our way through.

As we came upon the front gate, my eyes locked with Bellamy and he lowered his gun. "Hold your fire!" he yelled to the others. "They're back! Open the gate."

As Byrne continued to yell orders about staying alert, the gate opened and I quickly walked through, making my way straight to Bellamy and looking up at him, my eyes weary. He locked his arms around me, bringing me into his warm embrace. I sank my face into his chest as if to ask him to never let go as I wrapped my own arms around him.

I sniffled, intent on not letting the tears leak until Clarke and I broke the news. From resting my cheek against Bellamy's chest as he ran his hands up and down my back, I could see Clarke pulling Finn away. I sighed, pulling back from Bellamy and taking his hand, leading him to where the duo now stood, surrounded by Dr. Griffin and the others.

"What did she say? Is there a chance for a truce?" Abby asked as I made my way beside Clarke.

I chose to answer, feeling my eyes shift to the ground as I wrapped my arms around myself. "Yes," I mumbled, frowning.

Bellamy stood in front of me, cupping my face in his hands and tilting up so I could look him in the eyes. "Ryder, what's wrong?" he asked.

"They want you," Clarke answered, turning to Finn as I crossed my arms, resting my head against Bellamy's chest. His arms gave way, wrapping themselves around me again. "If we want a truce, we have to give them Finn."

The chatter among the large group started up slowly as Raven looked to Clarke. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"That's their offer," I replied.

"That's not an offer," she retorted.

"That's a punishment," Finn corrected, "for what happened at the village. Blood for blood."

Bellamy shook his head. "That's insane," he commented.

Abby looked between Clarke and I. "If we refuse..."

"They attack."

From the back of the group, a voice suggested we give him up, get rid of him. Byrne tried to calm the crowd as they agreed with the talker.

"Give him to the Grounders," another man spoke, nearing Finn.

Raven stepped up, pushing him back by the chest. "Back off!" This caused chaos to erupt through, forcing Bellamy to let go of me and hold his gun up to the crowd.

Clarke made her way in front of Raven. "Hey, Raven, Raven, listen to me. Nothing is going to happen to him. I promise, okay?"

Raven nodded, acknowledging her until her head snapped to Griff, a fellow inhabitant of Camp Jaha. "I'm not dying for him," he pointed an accusing finger at Finn, "Spacewalker burned three months of oxygen from the Ark. He should've floated a long time ago. Throw him out!"

Then the brunette was back at it, pushing away the violent commenters. I glanced over at Raven before taking control, grasping onto Finn's arm and pulling him away, with Clarke and Murphy in tow. We made our way to the least crowded area in the camp, waiting for Bellamy.

The friction between his boots and the gravel sounded his arrival. "Hey. We're reinforcing all defenses. Doubles on perimeter. No one's getting past that wire."

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