32 | still in love

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It had been a week since the failed rescue mission and things around camp were as tense as usual. Sinclair had ordered Raven to come up to Mount Weather and fix some of their machinery so it could be used by the living. And Raven had acquired a squad to help her do it.

Unfortunately, that squad included both Bellamy and Ryder... and to make it even more unbearable, Gina. As Ryder had told Raven, she could handle Gina. She just preferred not to have to deal with her.

"Too bad," Raven had said to her friend. "Cause I need all the helping hands I can get."

The group had all gotten inside one rover and driven up to one of the many entrances to Mount Weather, now open and airy. Octavia exited first, opening the back doors of the rover and hopping out. "I knew I should've taken my horse," she mumbled.

Then came Raven and Ryder, from their respective driver and passenger doors. "You can't just ride Callus around day and night, O. The poor horse needs a rest," Ryder commented, walking over to her dark-haired friend as Raven limped past Gina and Bellamy, who were the last to exit the rover. The couple were having a moment, with Gina's hands around Bellamy's shoulders and his long, calloused fingers gripping her waist. It took Ryder a moment to recompose herself, as she had gotten lost in her thoughts once again, recalling what Bellamy's hands felt like when they were encircling her own body.

She sighed, shaking her head of the thoughts and making a bee-line for the metal door that greeted them to Mount Weather. She purposefully avoided the watchful glances Bellamy kept shooting her, clutching tighter onto the straps of the backpack she wore. She couldn't handle his attention; as a matter of fact, she couldn't stand it.

As the group entered the mountain and walked through its eerily empty halls, Raven started up a conversation. "You guys, did I ever tell you how I saved Sinclair's ass on the Ark?"

Ryder groaned, hand coming up to playfully push Raven. "Not this story again," she complained, rolling her eyes. Over the past few weeks, herself and Raven had become better and better friends, occasionally bursting out into laughter at how their very first encounter had gone down. And when the event brought a frown to Ryder's face - as she was thinking about how well off herself and Bellamy were then - the topic changed. They talked instead of mechanics and space engineering. They often let their minds wander, creating ideas or illusions of how they could go back into space.

They wanted to go back, both of them made that abundantly clear. Life was hellish on the Ark, but it was a lot better than the savagery they faced on the ground. So, they'd spend hours upon hours drawing hypothesis of how to make this dream a reality, each time coming up just short of the goal. When that happened, Raven chose to teach Ryder all the mechanics going on inside her brain, helping teach her how to fix things. It was a grand hobby Ryder picked up and had helped immensely in the past few weeks she'd spent learning.

"You mean the time he went rogue on a space walk?" Gina suddenly asked, knocking Ryder out of her thoughts. She continued on quietly as Gina and Raven playfully bickered it out. "I still can't believe you didn't get benched for that."

"What can I say? Sinclair thinks I can do no wrong," Raven shrugged, an adorable smile planting itself on her face. The occasion was rare these days, and Ryder took a moment to note it down every time Raven smiled. It made her day just a bit better.

The crew questioningly followed the sound of music before entering the mess hall, where a couple dozen Skairkru people went about their recreational business.

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